The alternative me in Guild Wars

I spend so much time with them, I might as well show them. I’ve been through so much with them. I waited for them to have their final set of armor before showing them. I plan to make a mesmer and monk soon once they sell character slots. Here they are.

My ranger:

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My ranger is probably the first character I created. He is wearing collector armor right now, undyed. I thought he was pretty lame at the beginning since the damage he was doing with his bow was very low. I tamed a wolf and I really loved that. He is mostly beastmaster but to go to certain places he ends up being a trapper or a barrage/pet ranger. I’ve appreciated him better with time.

My female necromancer:

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My female necromancer was probably created second or third. I really love her. I find necromancy a really fun powerful and cool class to play. I’ve enjoyed playing her right from the start. From my ranger, I really liked Troll Onguent as a self-heal so I picked ranger as second class for her to have that skill. Once I was there, I could not resist not tame a wolf as well, I really love having a pet. I tossed away Troll Onguent rather quick but kept the pet. I usually do blood spike and use the pet with her. Sometimes I switch to curses to go to certain places. She is wearing the 15K Cultist armor right now, undyed.

My elementalist:

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Here is my poor elementalist. I say poor because I really did not like playing him at first, I was not fond of my ranger either but my ranger had a pet, which was to me quite a redeemable feature. Elementalists are overrated in term of damages, necromancers beat them anytime. I picked monk as second class for self-heal and/or maybe in the future replace a monk if necessary. I was using more smithing skills (monk skills) than elementalist skills with him, just to tell you how poor his damages were. Actually the only reason he did not get deleted is because I finally found a quite redeemable feature to him, he is so damn cute I’d gladly take him off the screen and kiss him. And he even looks better with his 15K Aeromancer armor now, undyed. I enjoy admiring him.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

My male necromancer:

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Before him I had a warrior/monk. I did not like playing her even though I enjoy melee weapons very much. I guess I find the warrior class very boring, all you do is smash smash smash. As you know, I love the necromancer class and I had heard of the meleemancer builds, a necromancer with melee weapons. I already have my female necromancer but I could not see her hanging around with an axe or a sword, she was happy with her wolf and her life-stealing skills; plus I love melee weapons and I knew I’d want a nice collection (which I started with my W/Mo) and my necromancer’s inventory was already almost full, no place for extra in there. I took a chance and deleted my warrior, created my necromancer, put my warrior’s weapons in the necromancer’s inventory and started to play him. He is actualy more fun to play indeed, playing him requires tactic and inteligence, not just smash smash smash. When I created him, I wanted to make him look like Dhomochevsky in the manga Blame by Tsutomu Nihei, I find Dhomochevsky really cool, but I think my necro looks more like Spike in Buffy. I’ve never liked Buffy but Spike is the only redeemable feature of the tv show and he is really cute. So whether he looks like Spike or Dhomo, I like him. He is wearing the 1.5K Necrotic armor right now, undyed.

My assassin:

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I was really excited by the assassin when I heard about this new class in Factions. When the PvP event happened, I really didn’t know how to play this class, it was weird and not fun after all. During the world open event happened (the PvE event), it was the opposite, seems like I was really grasping the class and the combos. My male necromancer can steal HP, put Life Siphon on mobs to keep his HP up and his warrior skills require adrenaline. But not the assassin. I tried using a pet, in the case of my assassin, a pretty tiger, but no avail. She is a bit hard to play but I have fun and I’m usually the last one standing. She is wearing the 1.5K Kurzick armor right now, dyed silver.

My ritualist:

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When I heard about the ritualist class in Factions, I did not know what to think of this class. My heart was going to the assassin. When the PvP event happened, I really enjoyed and love the class, while I was confused over the assassin. I mean, the other spellcasters are spellcasters, but the ritualist is a witch, a shaman, and as a Wiccan, I felt like a link between this class and my faith, with what I do. I love how expressive she is with her body when she does spells, which inspires me for my faith. During the world open event happened (the PvE event), I had lost connection with my ritualist but gain some with my assassin. I was worried I would not gain back this link once the game would go live but it happened and I enjoy playing her. She is now among my favorites. I gave her the collector dragon mini-pet I bought. Her armor is a mix and match armor, mixed with many armors. Her head gear is Imperial, her top is Seitung, her braces are Canthan and her skirt and shoes are Exotic, all 1.5K armors, dyed red.

This is a past blog entry from MySpace.

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