The alternative me in Guild Wars… continued

Here are my new characters I made after I bought the extra slots. Yes, we can finally buy extra slots.

My mesmer:

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I based my mesmer on Alec in Dark Angel (the tv show I miss dearly, I shall curse Firefly until the end of time). He was so adorable and so perfectly dark, funny and smart. If you wonder who I’m talking about and you have the courage to look without fainting at this drop dead gorgeous guy, look HEREPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting. I love playing my mesmer so far and I could not resist not tame a melandru stalker as pet, a feline, which goes very well with Alec who was a genetically engineered officer with feline DNA. I knew I was right to say cats are purrfectPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting. My dear mesmer wears the 1.5K Stylish armor, undyed.

My monk:

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I could not resist to the beauty of the asian female characters for my female monk, I decided to create her in Factions instead of the first game. She is so pretty. I made a monk so that there is one more monk in the game considering that there is a shortage of monks. I was worried I would not like the class but I love it, it’s different. She wears the 1.5K Canthan armor, dyed red.

This is a past blog entry from MySpace.

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