Gaile is a b****

You probably wonder who is Gaile. She is the spokerperson of ArenaNet who makes Guild Wars. I had a confrontation with her on a board and let’s just say her reputation to my eyes went down the drain.

The event occurred two weeks ago right before the PvP Nightfall event. I was waiting for the possibility of purchasing character slots, which was so dear to my heart I barely slept these past weeks. So, in our thread “More slots”, we were discussing the slots and also the upcoming event and hoping we’d be able to buy the slots before the event in order to participate. Upon reading what Anet wrote it was clear there would be no key or slot unlike all the other events before. Then Gaile showed up and said there would be no key for the event and she would check with her bosses for additional slots.

I was quite frustrated by this news, which is one more proof (no matter how much Anet loves to deny it) that Anet prefers PvP over PvE (death penalty to pets is another, they changed their mind after tons of people complained). You pay for a game, you use at its fullest (all the slots) and when there are events you are punished because if you were a PvP player you’d have a free slot but because you’re a PvE player, too bad, you can’t participate.

So I started a thread but I did this as calm as possible. There are plenty of things I could have written, like Anet sucks let’s bang on them and/or the old PvP PvE warfest. Nope, I wrote like a robot with no feeling whatsoever. Just posted exactly what Gaile wrote (that there would be no key and possibly no slot as well), then mentioned a thread which was showing 45-47% of the players had no free slot and therefore could not participate to the event and then told people to express themselves on the matter, and this without expressing myself. The thread started well with people talking, and even some with no free slot who didn’t mind not participating to the event… up until Gaile showed up.

Gaile had fun calling me names, that I was starting a rumor, and then building up people against me, telling me I was misquoting her. She said she would check with her bosses about the additional slots for the event, she’d go check about them (she meant for the event). I apologized and told her since in the other thread we were talking about buying slots and hoping to get them before the event that she meant to ask her bosses if the purchasable slots would be buyable before the event. But since she said we were not getting keys I was half right so this was not really a rumor thread. Gaile made no apology whatsoever on her side. The thread got locked soon after, which gave people who could not participate no way of expressing themselves on the matter. Gaile finally showed up in game (never came back on the forum on this matter) and said we were not getting slots for the event. Her scripts are usually saved and put in a thread in a different forum and most don’t even look at that forum so people wondered for a week if they’d be able to participate or not when the answer was there in another forum, but there are times she shows up online and people don’t even catch her in time, if they catch her at all. I always check that forum personally and I was really pissed off. My “rumor” thread ended up being 100% fact, Gaile got away with it and now everyone hates me.

This is a past blog entry from MySpace.

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