Getting evicted

I received a terrible news today, I’m being evicted. My landlord and his wife tried a few years ago to kick me out, but when I told them how much that would cost them, they decided not to after all. Apparently they saved their money ahead this time and are trying it again.

The problem is that finding a decent place with a decent rent has become a godsend these late years. All this has happened because in a north american magazine published a few years ago, talking about the best and hottest most "in" places to live (in North America) right now, in their very short list of four contenders, my city and a particular neighbourhood here was in that list. Since then, everyone has wanted a piece of here including Americans. It’s a small cosmopolitan north american and yet very european city. There are plenty of pretty old european buildings here. The neighbourhood in question was made of poor artists living in pretty buildings but very old and mostly not taken care of by the owners. These artists made this neighbourhood what it is today, what everyone else envies. Painters painted here and there, sculptors and crafters arranged indoors places, etc.

When the owners saw the profits they could make, while before letting everything fall apart, suddenly they renovated everything and kicked out the poor artists out from their neighbourhood since they could not afford the new expensive rents anymore. Now there are a lot of rich wannabes and yuppies in that neighbourhood, lots of Americans too. Other neighbourhoods have been owned as well. All this escalated everywhere in the city: owners started doubling and tripling their rents, even for hellholes that even rats would no want to live there. Finding a place to live here has become a struggle that only the rich can win. There are less and less available apartments now as well.

As you can see in my profile, with my illness and disabilities, I can’t work therefore my income is very limited. The place where I live is decent and has a decent rent too that I can afford. I’m worried now I might end up in the streets or something. This is the city where I was born and where I’ve lived most of my life, I don’t intend to go elsewhere.

This is a past blog entry from MySpace.

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