Lord of the Rings Online – Shadows of Angmar

Sometimes, certain things surprise you, like finding a gem at strange places. This is what LOTRO is for me. I’ve been checking out scifi MMOs because I like scifi as much as I like fantasy so I’ve been checking out Tabula Rasa in particular. As a Tolkien fan, I obviously noticed the upcoming MMO happening in the same world, I was curious about it so I asked for a beta slot, which I got some time after, but I was not excited about it like the other fans, never followed the game really. Surprisingly, I’ve fallen in love little by little with the online version of Middle Earth. While I admit the characters look weird and the combat is cumbersome, the rest is pretty and the game is actually fun and the world is exciting to explore. I’m particularly happy to know that there will be time cards for this MMO so I’m going to buy it and grow some food in it officially on april 24th. You can already find me in the open beta on Landroval.


This is a past blog entry from MySpace.

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