City of Villains – Review


City of Villains is a casual MMO set in a strange world mixed with scifi, modernity, fantasy and horror, where your villain tries to build his place in the criminal world. The surroundings are mostly modern with a touch of scifi, it’s very well done, the graphics are nice and realistic. The rock/industrial music suit very well the settings. The character creation is awesome and you have so many choices to suit your fancy: modern, scifi, machine, fantasy, horror with undead and werewolf to beast. Right from the start, you can work on your character’s bio and motto, and if you play on a RP server you will be able to RP with other players as well since the community is very good. Each class has different options so that means that each player won’t play the same even if they have the same class. The travel skills are really cool.

At first, you do interesting quests in instances but later you get to choose one quest among three quests from the journal so it adds a bit of variety, and sometimes you even get to rob a bank. You get extra XP from playing in group and you can also change the difficulty of the quests you’ve taken. As I said previously, you try to build your place in this criminal world so you mostly fight against other villains, the game is rated Teen after all, so it’s impossible to just attack any NPC. There are touches of dark humor here and there that are funny. Villains can build lairs for their guild but that feature is now available to heroes as well. A crafting aspect was as well later added to the game. Now, when a player buys either side (Heroes or Villains) he gets the other side free when he creates his account so now everyone has access to both games just buy buying one. The Villains side is dirtier, grittier and darker in coloring while the Heroes side is more colorful and clean.

Nothing is perfect in this world, except for cats of course, so City of Villains has to have flaws. The first is the repetitiveness of the maps, once you’ve been inside a building for a quest per exemple, you’ve seen already the only map that is showed when you go inside buildings, it’s pretty much the same for the other maps. The second is the lack of skills, each class gets few skills so you keep using the same skills again and again, and after playing Guild Wars and its hundreds of skills, just using a few skills all the time is lame. I also heard that while the first 20 levels are casual, the other levels get grindier so it,s harder to level up.<

The game is perfect for casual players who have always dreamed to play and RP a villain, the game is fun and funny with a good community.

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