My new deck

I acquired last month a beautiful tarot deck called Tarot of Vampyres. The art is really beautiful, romantic, filled with details, and the elegant and passionate vampires remind me of the vampires from Anne Rice. I wanted to start the study group but with small cards and so so scans I found on the internet, I caved in and scanned the deck myself. Now with bigger scans where I can see much better those details, I can finally study the deck. So I shall post my musing here.

Tarot of Vampyres I The Magician

Here is what I wrote for the Magician:


The Magician has golden tattoos on his arms and shoulders representing the golden solar energy that he is (Will). There is a red halo behind his head and I have no idea what it is, an aura of his energy? Another interesting element is the box that is under the skull, it is closed with a lock and you need a key to open it. What does the Magician hides there? Our hidden potentials? I’m guessing he is the only one who can open it.

Daily Reading

I did my daily reading earlier using my new Tarot of Vampyres and my old Madame Eudora’s Fortune Cards. Here are the results:

Card 1 Today: Eight of Skulls


It tells me today is a day of learning, a day of practical matters (planning?) where I will have to be careful and check every angle. I won’t see the immediate advantages about these actions but they will benefit me in the long term.

Card 2 Surprise: Two of Knives


This card tells me there will tensions today, or there has been tensions, but that peace and reconciliation will surprisingly happen today.

Card 3 Advice: Four of Knives


This card tells me I should be careful about my behavior and try to be peaceful and not be aggressive, and listen to what others have to say. I have to admit I tend to be aggressive, stubborn and blunt so the card says to keep these in check today.

Card 1 Today: The Spider


The Spider confirms the Eight of Skulls about being meticulous and patient.

This is the second daily reading I’ve done with my Tarot of Vampyre and I like it very much.   Considering I’ve used my beloved Liber T Tarot of Stars Eternal for so long, I’m not too lost with the Thoth-inspired Tarot of Vampyre.