Daily Reading

I did my daily reading earlier using my new Tarot of Vampyres and my Madame Eudora’s Fortune Cards. Here are the results:

Card 1 Today: Nine of Grails


So I’m guessing today will be a good day where I will be happy and fulfilled emotionally. I will have good moments and I should enjoy them to the fullest.

Card 2 Surprise: Fool


There will something new today, a new experience or a new person I’ll meet. Maybe I’ll be given an opportunity and I should embrace it.

Card 3 Advice: Six of Knives


Maybe this warns me to be careful during a trip today (I’m doing my groceries today) or that I shouldn’t skip out on it even though I’m tempted to do it tomorrow instead. I also think the card could be telling me I have work to do at home I should do and I should stop procrastinating about it (chores).

Card 1 Today: Earth


My good organization skills will give me good results today. It’s true I’m good at these things, I can blame my rising sign Virgo. Or maybe it reminds me again I should do these chores.

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