Ah ha!

You know how at times things jump at you and you wonder how come you didn’t think about it sooner?  It’s about the daily reading I did yesterday.  My periods started yesterday in the evening and as usual they brought with them painful cramps, nausea and back pain.  And since I got my back problems some years ago, the back pain is worse.  While I was turning in bed this morning, in pain and trying to sleep, it hit me.

I was rethinking about my daily reading of course, how while it started good it wasn’t so much a Nine of Grails day after all.  Then the image of the card popped up in my head.  I cannot help but think that the woman on the card is pregnant because of her belly so I usually try to keep this low since as a vampire she cannot have childen, but this card the card was right, it was all about the womb:


And remember the advice card?  I had to go to do the groceries yesterday and do my monthly purchases as well but I was tempted to postpone this to the next day (today), but the advice card was telling me not to procrastinate and to do wat I have to do.  Good thing I listened to the card and did my stuff early morning and afternoon yesterday because today I’m in no shape to go anywhere at all.  Same for probably the next few days.

This is so cool! Pouce levé

At the same time not cool at all! MaladeTriste

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