Daily Reading

I was sick the last two days so I did not touch my cards at all, especially wednesday when I was worried I’d vomit on them.  So I’m using again my Tarot of Vampyres and my Madame Endora’s Fortune Cards.  Here are the results:

Card 1 Today: Wheel of Fortune & Ten of Knives


When I took my card I realized there was another card right under it so that makes two cards for today.  So I’m guessing with the Ten of Knives there will be an unfortunate turn of event today.  No idea so far about what it could be so I’m guessing I should be careful.

Card 2 Surprise: Ace of Grails


Love, friendship, warm moment with loved ones, maybe I’ll fall in love with another deck,

Card 3 Advice: Queen of Skulls


The card tells me I should be grounded today, to base my projects on firm foundations, to use my practical skills at their fullest.  There is a wolf on that card as well as Wolf, maybe it doubles the message about being careful today.

Card 1 Today: Wolf


The Wolf tells me I should check my back and be careful about everything today.  I should listen to my intuition.