Daily Reading

Here are my cards for today.

Card 1 Today: XIX The Sun


I will have an optimistic day today, warm and with possibly a new opportunity coming to me.

Card 2 Surprise: Queen of Scepters


I will have contact with someone who has the characteristics of the Queen of Wands.  It’s possible there might be something about pets today.  My cat after all yesterday sneakily opened the door leading to the shed which lowered my place by a few degrees, it was freezing, that was the Seven of Knives.  Who knows what my cat might be up to today.

Card 3 Advice: II The Priestess


To go inwards to find the answers, to focus on my spirituality and continue my studies maybe.

Card 1 Today: The Queen


The queen may represent a woman of a strong personality, maternal, who I may have contact with today.  I could also for the day acquire the qualities of this queen.

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