Daily Reading

Here are my cards for today:

Card 1 Today: XIV Temperance


Today it may be about blending, harmonizing different forces.  The arrow I sent has been thrown back at me. and I’m angry and demand blood in return.  I’m saying that last one because I’m having issues with my landlord.  I sent him a recommended letter but he refused it and returned it to me, which I got today and I’m really really angry right now, I could tear him apart.

Card 2 Surprise: Queen of Skulls


I may have contact with a person who has the characteristics of the Queen of Coins.  Or the surprise could be about pets or children.

Card 3 Advice: Two of Grails


The advice is to blend and harmonize different forces together.

Card 1 Today: The Oracle


I will seek wisdom and knowledge today.  Obviously I will have to call the Régie du logement about this and ask for advices on my next move with that stupid landlord.

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