Daily Reading

I have noticed I have not done many readings lately but my sleep has been disturbed, I barely get any sleep, so I end up waking really really late to make up for the lack of sleep.  It must be the news I got at GDC and PAX East about the two MMOs I’ve been following: The Secret World and Guild Wars 2,  Excitment has always been a source of insomnia for me.  Do not worry, I still love very much my Tarot of Vampyre, I even bought a second copy this month.

Card 1 Today: Prince of Grails


The card could tell me that I have to express my feelings today, to stop keeping them bottled up.  It’s also possible someone will express their feelings towards me too.  It could also say that I’ll have contact with a person with the characteristics of a Prince of Grails.

Card 2 Surprise: Ace of Skulls


New opportunity or stability found in a material financial way.

Card 3 Advice: XII The Hanged Man


The advice tells me that whatever hard situation I’m stuck into, it will pass, I just have to be patient and hang tight.

Card 1 Today: The Golem


Someone I know will do something for me today or I’ll get news about a close friend.

Daily Reading

Here are my cards for today:

Card 1 Today: Four of Knives


I will have to make compromises today.

Card 2 Surprise: XII The Hanged Man


I will be stuck in a situation within our without and I will need to be patient.

Card 3 Advice: II The Priestess


The advice is that I am a Priestess and I should behave as one.

Card 1 Today: The Dagger


I may have to deal with conflicts and arguments today.  I should be extra watchful.

Daily Reading

Here are my cards for today:

Card 1 Today: I The Magician


I will be in control of my life and of my inner power today and I will feel I can do anything.

Card 2 Surprise: Six of Knives


A new perception will find its way to me.  I might receive a message or an advice from someone.

Card 3 Advice: Four of Grails


I should not give up my power to someone else ouf of love.

Card 1 Today: The Shield


I may be under attacks today but I will be safe from harm.

Daily Reading

Here are my cards for today.

Card 1 Today: Nine of Knives


I may suffer the malice of someone today… or my own (I’m no angel).  I’ll be confused and scared about something or someone.

Card 2 Surprise: Four of Scepters


I will achieve something today and I will feel good about it.  I may do/arrange stuff like chores in the apartment.

Card 3 Advice: Six of Knives


I should have a sharp and focused mind today.

Card 1 Today: The King


I’ll have contact or have news with a man who may have some authority.  I may gain some position of authority myself.