Daily Reading

Here are my cards for today:

Card 1 Today: Three of Scepters


I will need to use my will to make things happen today through careful planifications.  There are certain things that I want but I will need to be patient and to restrain myself for a while.

Card 2 Surprise: Seven of Scepters


I will be under aggression and I will need to fight back and protect myself.  I better be careful though because I may not win the fight.

Card 3 Advice: Ace of Grails


I should open myself to new feelings or express my emotions.

Card 1 Today: The Black Cat


Things may be in the dark today, certain things hidden from me, but this card tells me to be watchful and things might turn my way.

Daily Reading

Here are my cards for today:

Card 1 Today: XX Judgement


I guess I got this card because today here in Canada is vote day.  We have to decide which party to vote for for prime minister, which one represents us and which kind of future we want for Canada and for its individuals.   So there is a lot of reflection involved.

Card 2 Surprise: IX The Hermit


This could represents a moment I will be involved in some studies or a sudden moment during the day that I’ll feel lonely and moody.

Card 3 Advice: Lord of Scepters


Well, this rider tells me to take charge and get involved… anyhow.

Card 1 Today: Earth


Today will be a day filled with earthly matters.