Daily Reading

Here are my cards for today:

Card 1 Today: Lord of Scepters


I may embrace a new passion or get back into an old one.  I may take the lead on something.  I may have contact with a person who has the characteristics of a Knight of Wands.

Card 2 Surprise: XV The Devil


The surprise is that I will have some pleasure of some sort, I will fall for a temptation.  Since I rarely feel guilt I’m sure I shall enjoy it to its fullest.

Card 3 Advice: Daughter of Grails


The advice today is to be careful about my emotions and my moodiness, that I should ground to the earth more.  Also I should try not to daydream too much.

Card Today: 25 Sewer Siren


I have treasures within myself that I consider “bad” that I have pushed away, underneath.  This can cause blockages and overflows because we refuse to look.  She shows that there is great beauty there, these cravings and aspects of self and soul are beautiful and wise.  There is guilt about my sexuality as well there.  It is important to get rid of negative conditioning about our bodies and the pleasure they can bring us.

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