Daily Reading

Wow!  I get so many bad cards today I wonder if I should not go back to bed and pretend this day is not happpening…  It always bugs me when I wake up cheerful and get so many bad cards for my daily reading.

Here are my cards for today:

Card 1 Today: Ten of Scepters


Last time I had this card I had an appointment to the dentist the same day and got pierced many times.  What kind of piercing will have to go through today?  It can also mean I may overdo myself today and take on too many responsibilities at once.

Card 2 Surprise: Five of Grails


The surprise is that I will be sad and angry over a loss or a deceit.

Card 3 Advice: Five of Skulls


The advice card tells me I should not worry too much and imagine threats bigger than they are.  By worrying needlessly I would make matter worse.  This is also the chores card (well labor in the Thoth) and considering how much my place is a mess I think this card tells me I should do some stuff today and stop procrastinating.

Card Today: 9 The Three Witchy Sisters


There is something that isn’t quite right with me but I can’t work out what it is.  The Witchy Sisters are there to help me identify the energy issue and find the solution.  Things may repeat in three today.

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