Daily Reading

Wow, I’ve got three majors for today!

Card 1 Today: IX The Hermit


I will spend my day alone on my own and I will focus on my studies and spirituality.

Card 2 Surprise: XII The Hanged Man


There will be a delay or a blockage about something or someone.  I may have to sacrifice something.

Card 3 Advice: XIV Temperance


The advice today is that I should be moderate and temper my character.

Card Today: 36 The Mend-a-broken Heart Fairy


I have been hurt and my heart has been bruised.  I should allow myself to receive small kindnesses, gifts of friendship and sweetness will assist me at this most needed moment.  I should allow myself to be treated gently, to be hugged, to be attended to with kindness.  I need to rest and take good care of myself  I have to reduce the harsh energy around me.

Monthly Reading for July 2011

I’ve decided to try out monthly readings so I went looking for one on Aeclectic Tarot Forums and look in their Spreads subforum.  I found there a year spread that I like that I’ve decided to modify to make it fit for a monthly reading.

———————— LOVE—————-

————————-9 ——————————-
———–1—2——-MONTH —–3—4——————
———-HOUSE—————— HEALTH——————
————————- ——————————–

HOUSE: Ten of Grails & Justice


I’m guessing this has to do with my new landlord.  My new landlord decided to raise the rent and add an extra of 20$.   I didn’t fall for his excuses for raising the rent so I’ve decided to contest the raise and I sent him a bailiff after he refused the recommended  letter I sent him.  So I’m waiting for the Regie du logement to send me an answer so we can both go in front of a judge and let the judge decide about the raise.  So I’m guessing with the Ten of Grails next to Justice the judge will go on my side and I won’t have to pay the raise.

HEALTH: XII The hanged Man & Queen of Scepters


I’m guessing with me being sick and disabled the Hanged Man here tells me I’ll lack energy and I’ll be down and I’ll have to be careful about that.  One of the symptom of my disease is fatigue, so I have to manage the little energy that I have.  The Queen of Scepters may mean that the sun and the heat will have negative effects on me this summer, or that while the start of the month may be difficult for me I’ll have more energy toward the end of the month.

LOVE: Daughter of Knives & Eight of Scepters


Well, this could mean I’ll have news about a baby a friend is having.  Or maybe this mean that I’ll communicate with someone through messages, emails and the internet.  I’m a Swords person so I often come out as one in readings but since I’m here as a Daughter this could be something that is new that will start or that has recently started that will continue.

MATERIAL: Five of Skulls & Daughter of Scepters


Obviously I will worry and be anxious about my material situation in the coming month, but the fiery and bold Daughter of Scepters tells me I’ll overcome it and do my bext to overcome whatever comes my way.

MONTH: Two of Knives


I will try to harmonize different elements and balance them throughout the month.  I will be indecisive about certain matters.  I may reconcile with someone that month.  I will try to be impartial.  I will have some tension about something or someone.