Daily Reading

Wow, I’ve got three majors for today!

Card 1 Today: IX The Hermit


I will spend my day alone on my own and I will focus on my studies and spirituality.

Card 2 Surprise: XII The Hanged Man


There will be a delay or a blockage about something or someone.  I may have to sacrifice something.

Card 3 Advice: XIV Temperance


The advice today is that I should be moderate and temper my character.

Card Today: 36 The Mend-a-broken Heart Fairy


I have been hurt and my heart has been bruised.  I should allow myself to receive small kindnesses, gifts of friendship and sweetness will assist me at this most needed moment.  I should allow myself to be treated gently, to be hugged, to be attended to with kindness.  I need to rest and take good care of myself  I have to reduce the harsh energy around me.

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