Daily Reading

Here are my cards for today:

Card 1 Today: Prince of Skulls


I will be busy with practical matters today, like making my budget for next month, doing my grocery list and the bathroom.  I may have contact today with someone who has the characteristics of a Prince of Pentacles.

Card 2 Surprise: Nine of Knives


I may be the victim of some malice today.  An event will make me tense and paranoid and I will imagine things.

Card 3 Advice: Eight of Knives


The advice is that I should be patient today, I may feel like I’m not getting ahead and be frustrated about it but time will be on my side if I’m patient enough to get there.

Card Today: 10 Eclipse Mermaid


A cosmic event is taking place and will have great effect: great shifts and awakenings.  What was hidden will emerge in the open.  Allow what needs to emerge to come out.  Any change at this time will bring us closer to who we truly are.  It is up to us to choose how we move through this.

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