Daily Reading

Here are my cards for today:

Card 1 Today: XX Judgement


I will reflect upon my choices that I made in the past.  I will think about things and organize them to have a better future.

Card 2 Surprise: Four of Grails


I will feel happy and secure about a long-term investment (maybe that nice graphic card I just bought).  You’d be surprised to know that I got plenty of Cups cards when I bought my first computer, I love computers after all.

Card 3 Advice: Two of Skulls


The advice today is that I should be flexible because change is part of life and I should not count that my situation will last forever, change may be waiting for me at the corner.

Card Today: 44 The Fairy of the Green World


I should take care of plants to counteract the damages done to Nature.  I should learn to have a more ecological living and donate money to charities supporting nature and wildlife.  I should take a walk in nature, give my blessings to it and talk to this fairy.

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