Daily Reading

Here are my cards for today:

Card 1 Today: Six of Scepters


I will win after a struggle of sort and I should use that achievement to make plans (where do I go from here?).

Card 2 Surprise: Seven of Grails


Well, the surprise is that I will get intoxicated on something today, too much of something, too much of gaming, too much of daydreaming.

Card 3 Advice: Eight of Skulls


The advice today is that I should be careful and patient in my way of dealing with things, that I should manage with precaution when planning ahead.

Card Today: 33 Dress of Alchemy


It is possible to change deeply your energy from destructive patterns, blame, discontent to become a clear, bright, strong, healthy and powerful, in term of energy.  It is time to acknowledge that you have energetic debris that need to be cleared, and when you do this the gold of who you truly are will shine though.  Once you are clear, welcome in bright, strong, powerful, healthy energy.  This is self-love in action.

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