Daily Reading

Here are my cards for today:

Card 1 Today: Lord of Scepters


I will be bold and forceful today, maybe too agressive.  I may have communications with a person who has the characteristics of a Knight of Wands (Thoth).  I could get mail today, I’m waiting for a package after all.

Card 2 Surprise: Nine of Grails


Something or someone today will make me happy and make me feel fulfilled emotionally.  I will feel content about something or something I hoped for will happen.

Card 3 Advice: Lord of Knives


The advice today is that I have things to do on a mental levels (studies) and I should start to work on them again and focus.  I have all the necessary qualities for this.

Card Today: 38 Carnivorous Greenhouse


There is something or someone around you that is attractive, yet dangerous.  Watch for people who consume more than they give, who ignore you, bully you, dominate you, criticises you, who argue you out of your beliefs.  Do not forget who they are and do not try to make them what they’re not.; or change and save them with your love.

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