Monthly Reading for February 2012

I know I have not been posting much, but my mother has been at the hospital since december and I’ve been doing regular trips to the hospital, so I don’t have much time for myself.  I made this reading at the end of january but just came about to finish writing it down.  I’m reusing the same spread of last time since I like it so much.

HOUSE: Ace of Grails & Seven of Knives


I think these cards could be about two things.

The first is that my mother’s health has been very bad recently and she has spent over a month at the hospital, and she’s not out yet.  I love her and care for her but I’ve been feeling helpless not knowing exactly how to help her while she’s at the hospital and unable to take care of her things.  Since she has never made a mandate in case of incapacity, I cannot access anything or do anything in her name.  Most of the things I did in january got me nowhere.  And since my mother is still at the hospital I will be in the same situation in february.

The other thing is that my relationship between my brother and I has always been rocky but we hit a wall recently.  I love and care for my brother but he has built these unreachable walls.  I learned a few things from him very recently, and it has left me upset and angry.  But I cannot reach him in any way.

HEALTH: Daughter of Skulls + Lord of Skulls


I think it will be important for me to be extra grounded this month to avoid exhaustion.  With all these trips and the stress my mother’s condition is causing me, it’s important to find time for myself to ground and relax.

LOVE: Two of Scepters + Eight of Scepters


I will channel energies to open myself and bring love to me.  Possible encounter or chatter over the internet with someone.

MATERIAL: Daughter of Grails + Daughter of Scepters


New love and passion will arise this month which will make me spend money on new shiny pretty things, like a tarot deck, an oracle and a cute messenger bag.

MONTH: Lord of Knives


Well, I’ve spent the month doing trips to the hospital, same for last month, and it will continue throughout the month.  I’ve just heard about a spiritual trip to Wales for 2013, and while I’m broke I’m tempted to try to go there so that could be that too.