Lack of focus

My daily reading was right.  I showed up at the mall to debit money from my bank account with my debit card and I realized I had completely forgotten my debit card home.  So I had to go back home.  I’ve got to admit I don’t feel too well, so I’ve decided to postpone to tomorrow the shopping and the grocery.  Maybe it’s better that way.  So to cheer myself up I just bought the latest edition of Tarot of Dreams.  I have the first edition but the cards are very big and hard to handle, so this smaller edition with extra palace cards sounds like a good deal.  I plan to play Guild Wars 2 too soon.

Daily Reading

Here are my cards for today:

Card 1 Today: VII The Chariot


Well, today I have to make a trip to the mall, to do some shopping, and the grocery after that, so I’m not really surprised to see I got this card.  The Chariot can implicate a trek of some sort.

Card 2 Surprise: Ten of Scepters


With this card I see that I should make sure not to overdo it today, to ensure not to get a bad surprise, that would cause stress and frustration.

Card 3 Advice: Ace of Knives


With this card I see I should focus on my goals today and to keep my head clear of mental confusions as well.

Card Today: 14 Marie Masquerade


I have the feeling the only way to be loved for who I am is not through my talent and style but through glamour and glitz.  There is gossip and intrigue around someone I admire and wish to be like in some way.  I will feel jealousy and envy towards people who are beautiful, successful and be-loved.  I should focus on my own hard work and create my own style.  Some are around others simply for the influence and help they can offer.  Someone like Marie who is beautiful and successful may be in need a for  true friend.  Someone very charming may try to tempt me to get involved in intrigues, I should refuse.