The reasons I had so many spaces/blogs

As you now know, I have a separate Multiply account for my tarot and gaming hobbies.  I also had a pagan blog on CovenSpace , who after some bug the admin lost everything, so CovenSpace has been dead for some time now.  I’m three times a freak.  While I was sharing the links to my tarot and gaming blogs in CovenSpace, I never shared my other links on my tarot and gaming blogs.

Yes, any Pagan will tell you, telling to people you’re Pagan can cause some bad reactions.  And while here where I live in Canada no one reacts when I tell them I use and collect tarot and oracles decks, I’ve notice online though I can get bad reactions from some people too.  And I’m sure you must have heard the bad press gaming can get, that it can cause the worst things ever, from violence to addictions (which by the way the same has been told for every single new media in history including radio, movies and television), which is utterly bullshit.  Some people wonder why at my age I still play videogames.  Why not? Surpris

So like I said, I’m three times a freak but we’re in 2012, if some people, have any issues with these, then they’re the ones who have problems and who have to deal with them, they’re also the ones who need to change.

The Death of Multiply, the Changes here

Multiply is closing in december. So that means that both my tarot and gaming space won’t be there anymore.  My mother told me I should build my own website, there are some places where you can get your website hosted for free.  I really don’t have the energy for that.  Already moving everything will be a lot of work, if on top I have to dig in HTML and CSS, and mine are rusty, nah!

So I’ve decided instead to transfer everything here in my blog on WordPress.  I like it here.  Since you cannot really make galleries on WordPress, and that would require from me to upgrade to Pro which would be costly, I prefer hosting the images on JAlbums.  I like the look JAlbums give to the albums, it allows me to share the high res versions as well, and it would just be 2.50$ a month for that.

I have already created a page here to put the stuff I shared on Multiply to download, and I’ve used Dropbox for that.  You will find an ebook I created for XMPlay, an audio player I love very much, I put in it the guides on their support website.  Considering how many websites have disappeared since I’ve been online, I feel safer knowing I have a hard copy of those guides.  They have accepted kindly to host it too on their support website.  I have put there as well a screensaver I created with screenshots, concept arts and music of the now dead MMORPG Tabula Rasa.  Since I’m a big Silent Hill fan I share as well the load of avatars I created for MSN Messenger and the tiles set I created for Kyodai Mahjongg.

I’ve also created a page called “Thoth Tarot and Golden Dawn Tarot Decks Related Files and Websites” which I had posted on Multiply.  I made a page instead of a blog entry to make it easier to find those informations.

I created a “MMORPGs I’ve played” page where I intend to put my gaming screenshots of the MMORPGs I’ve played.  So far only The Secret World is there, but I plan to add more.  I also plan to create another page about the videogames I’ve played too but I want to focus on the MMORPGs ones right now.

After that I’ll have to check if there is any post I should transfer here.