The Death of Multiply, the Changes here

Multiply is closing in december. So that means that both my tarot and gaming space won’t be there anymore.  My mother told me I should build my own website, there are some places where you can get your website hosted for free.  I really don’t have the energy for that.  Already moving everything will be a lot of work, if on top I have to dig in HTML and CSS, and mine are rusty, nah!

So I’ve decided instead to transfer everything here in my blog on WordPress.  I like it here.  Since you cannot really make galleries on WordPress, and that would require from me to upgrade to Pro which would be costly, I prefer hosting the images on JAlbums.  I like the look JAlbums give to the albums, it allows me to share the high res versions as well, and it would just be 2.50$ a month for that.

I have already created a page here to put the stuff I shared on Multiply to download, and I’ve used Dropbox for that.  You will find an ebook I created for XMPlay, an audio player I love very much, I put in it the guides on their support website.  Considering how many websites have disappeared since I’ve been online, I feel safer knowing I have a hard copy of those guides.  They have accepted kindly to host it too on their support website.  I have put there as well a screensaver I created with screenshots, concept arts and music of the now dead MMORPG Tabula Rasa.  Since I’m a big Silent Hill fan I share as well the load of avatars I created for MSN Messenger and the tiles set I created for Kyodai Mahjongg.

I’ve also created a page called “Thoth Tarot and Golden Dawn Tarot Decks Related Files and Websites” which I had posted on Multiply.  I made a page instead of a blog entry to make it easier to find those informations.

I created a “MMORPGs I’ve played” page where I intend to put my gaming screenshots of the MMORPGs I’ve played.  So far only The Secret World is there, but I plan to add more.  I also plan to create another page about the videogames I’ve played too but I want to focus on the MMORPGs ones right now.

After that I’ll have to check if there is any post I should transfer here.

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