I’m moving!!!

I got a really good news this month, I finally was given an apartment in a HLM.  HLMs exist in France and in Québec here in Canada, I don’t know about the rest of Canada though.  It’s housing at moderated rents.  The rent will include the electricity, the heat and hot water, and the rent will be just 25% of the check I get.  Also they will take care of the repairs if there is anything wrong.  Disabled people have rights there too which means I can ask them to modify some stuff to satisfy my needs.

The building where I will be is entirely an HLM.  The building though had various issues in the past, so they tore it down and built it up again, which means everything in the building is brand new with the latest stuff like electronic electric system.  In order to revitalize the area (because there is another HLM building next and other residences at moderated rents close), they apparently relocalized a big part of the past residents some place else and put new people there.  I’m among those new people.  We’re quite a few moving there around the same time.

My new place will be a 3 rooms apartment with a balcony.  There is an elevator there so I won’t need to use the stairs anymore.  They also have washers and dryers we can use there, so I won’t have to transport my cloths to my mother’s place to wash them anymore.  I plan to try to have a garden using containers on my balcony.  Since I will have more counter space in the kitchen I hope to be able to buy a Countertop Dishwasher.  I will be higher so I will have more intimacy.  Right now I’m on the ground floor and anyone in the area can see me, same for the balcony that I never use.

I’ve found photos on the internet about the renovation projects and I’m really excited to move there, some photos were very similar to those shown to me by the OMHM agent.  I’ve not seen the apartment yet though.  I should move around january 1st 2013.

I gave them all the papers necessary yesterday and now all that is left is for me to sign the lease.

I’m so happy!!!SourirePouce levéÉtoileRose rougeGâteau d'anniversaireVerre à cocktailSoleil

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