Being in my new place

I’ve been quite busy preparing for my move, packing, moving and unpacking.  They finally gave me the date of december 13th for the move.  Alas for me, on the said date, the company who was supposed to move me never showed up, so we had to improvise at the last minute and find quickly another company ready to move me NOW.

Unfortunately I tripped a few days later after the move, hurting badly my right arm.  I was unable to do anything so my mother came and unpacked a few things for me.  When I felt better, a week later, I unpacked some boxes myself and managed to get the computer installed.  Alas for me, the day after I tripped again on my right arm and my back as well so I’ve been out cold since.  I’m just relaxing right now and waiting for my right arm and my back to get better before continuing unpacking.  I’ve been mostly watching stuff and playing and adding ebooks on my new Kobo Glo.  Good thing all the important stuff were unpacked first before my second fall: food, dishes, kitchen stuff, computer…

While everything might seem gloom and doom for me right now, I’m nonetheless very happy.  The building I’ve moved in is really nice and my apartment leaves me speechless.  The place looks exactly like those pictures my mother found on the internet, but the place is ten times better.  It really feel like I’m in a dream but I know this is reality.  I’m overjoyed Sourire!!!

I shall take pictures when I feel better and everything has been been unpacked and placed at their right places.  And I do plan to try to make a small garden on my balcony this summer Rose rougeRose rougeRose rouge.

The joy of owning a Kobo Glo

I’ve ended up buying a Kobo Glo sooner than I expected.  I’ve caved in and decided to get myself a ereader to replace my novels, and on the lot I went for the Kobo Glo.  I’ve tried to read novels in English and I’m amazed to see I actually understand what I read Clignement d'œil!  I read lots of non-fiction books in English but I was worried literature in novel form would be hard on me, but I can see now I was wrong.   So I’ve started replacing some of my novels translated in French in their original language, English, by their ebook format.  I’m in love with my Kobo Glo now Coeur rouge.