My Private Diary

Just for fun I’ve created for myself a blog that is private as a sort of a diary, where I get to be wacky and say things I’d never say to anyone.  I really like WordPress so I thought having a private diary on WordPress could be fun.  It is.  This is just me suggesting to others that they could try to have a private blog themselves, and express themselves fully without worrying about anyone taking a peak.

Daily Reading

Here are my cards for today:

Card 1 Today: Queen of Knives


Maybe I will need to use my Swords deductive brainy skills to resolve a problem.  I’m a Swords person, usually comes up as the Prince (Thoth) / Knight (RWS) for Aquarius.  I really love this card, she’s got that "I don’t tolerate fools, don’t mess with me" attitude, which is exactly the one I have.  Unfortunately due to my dumb/naive look people never take me seriously, and it attracts the wrong kind of people, I’ve had to deal in my life with suckers who thought I’d be easy to manipulate, the future abusive guys.  I’ve never been naive or sweet.  I wish I had that dangerous look instead, they’d run for their lives.  MMUUAHHHH!!!!!

Card 2 Surprise: I The Magician


I guess that could represents a gifted charismatic person that I could have contact with today.  That could represents a con man who will try to sell me a "too-good-to-be-true something.  Can I poke him?

Card 3 Advice: Three of Grails


I still see this card as a way to tell me to open up and be more generous, because I’m the complete opposite.

Daily Reading

Here are my cards for today:

Card 1 Today: III The Empress


Maybe I will nurture a project today.  Or maybe since I plan to call my mother later today it indicates her.

Card 2 Surprise: Ace of Skulls


A seed of an earthly level will bloom and will provide new opportunities for me.

Card 3 Advice: Lord of Grails


The advice for today is to not let negative emotions drive me or drown me emotionally.  Like this Lord I should slaughter them instead.

Daily Reading

Here are my cards for today:

Card 1 Today: Four of Knives


Today I should take it easy and rest.  I should try to find a place where I feel safe.  It could be a time to commune with the Gods.

Card 2 Surprise: XVI The Tower


Well, it’s either a disaster of sort that will crush and destroy some aspects of myself or my life, or it could be about being hit by the lighting and getting inspired.

Card 3 Advice: Ace of Scepters


I see with the Ace here that I should be careful about my vitality today.  I have less vitality than most people, and I have to be careful about that.

Daily Reading

Here are my cards for today:

Card 1 Today: Eight of Knives


I will try to do something today and something will happen that will not allow me to do it.  Blockages and delays will affect my day.  Or maybe the card says that I will be distant and ignore others pleas for help.

Card 2 Surprise: Three of Skulls


Maybe I will be offered partnership on a project

Card 3 Advice: Three of Grails


I think the advice for today is to open myself more and to be more generous.

Daily Reading

I know it’d been a while since I touched my cards or blogged about any reading.  2012 was a tough year for me.  And after that I’ve been busy with the move.  And my place is still filled with boxes which is kind of depressing.  Many of my decks are still in boxes, but I kept my Tarot of Vampyres close to me.  Here is my reading for today:

Card 1 Today: Five of Skulls


I will let my fears run rampant today and tear at me inside, I will worry about things.

Card 2 Surprise: Eight of Scepters


The surprise could be a news or an email, or something related to the internet.

Card 3 Advice: Ten of Scepters


I see with the fears running rampant and free with the Five of Skulls, and this card showing a position of loss of control and helplessness, that my advice today, is to gain back control, and my power along with it, and get out of this sticky situation.