Daily Reading

Here are my cards for today:

Card 1 Today: Queen of Knives


Maybe I will need to use my Swords deductive brainy skills to resolve a problem.  I’m a Swords person, usually comes up as the Prince (Thoth) / Knight (RWS) for Aquarius.  I really love this card, she’s got that "I don’t tolerate fools, don’t mess with me" attitude, which is exactly the one I have.  Unfortunately due to my dumb/naive look people never take me seriously, and it attracts the wrong kind of people, I’ve had to deal in my life with suckers who thought I’d be easy to manipulate, the future abusive guys.  I’ve never been naive or sweet.  I wish I had that dangerous look instead, they’d run for their lives.  MMUUAHHHH!!!!!

Card 2 Surprise: I The Magician


I guess that could represents a gifted charismatic person that I could have contact with today.  That could represents a con man who will try to sell me a "too-good-to-be-true something.  Can I poke him?

Card 3 Advice: Three of Grails


I still see this card as a way to tell me to open up and be more generous, because I’m the complete opposite.

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