Daily Reading

I’ve started a One Deck Wonder for the Tarot of Vampyres (from the Aeclectic Tarot Forum), and wanted to use another tarot too but with pips to decompress, the Truth-Seeker’s Tarot.  So I decided to purchase a book from the author about his tarot but alas the first package got lost, the second one got stolen, and I have no idea if I’ll ever get the third.  So I’ve decided instead to use an oracle, something new, I’ve ordered and received the Heart of Faerie Oracle, and I’m still waiting for the Faeries Oracle, both made by Brian Froud.

So here is my daily reading for the day…

Card 1 Today: III Empress


I think this has something to do with home and family.  The Empress, as the Mother, rules over the home over her family.  And I’m a homebody, I really love being home.  And it’s important for my mental health that I live in a good place, otherwise it affects me negatively and depresses me.   I’ve been living with many pieces of furniture, from Ikea because it was all I could afford, that I simply cannot stand.  Now that I’m in my new apartment, and have more money, I really hope to be able to get new furniture to replace the ugly ones.  And well, my mother’s friends are giving me two nice furniture, a desk and an armchair, and I should get them today, so I’m really happy about that.  It’s one step toward the ideal home I want to have.

Card 2 Surprise: Lord of Scepters


Maybe I will get a message or a letter today.  It could mean that someone could do a little trip and come to my place unexpectedly.  Maybe I’ll receive the aggression from someone today.

Card 3 Advice: Nine of Knives


I should do my best not to  be self-destructive today.  I should avoid any contact from cruel people.

Which fae will be my companion for the day: 38 The Pan


He seems to be inviting me to the journey he’s planning to do, he wants me to come with him.  I should ask him for courage to live life and its numerous adventures… and misfortunes.  There is a first step I must take.