Daily Reading

I finally received the Faeries Oracle, made by Brian Froud, and combined it with my copy of his Heart of Faerie Oracle.  I bought for this joined deck a really nice bag from BabaStudio.

So here is my daily reading for the day…

Card 1 Today: Prince of Skulls


My mother is a Taurus, just like this card, which makes it her significator card, so that could mean I could receive news from my mother or news about her.  It could also means that I will be inspired about a material project.

Card 2 Surprise: Five of Grails


I’m guessing a negative event will be painful today and I will have regrets about it.  I will feel lonely and miserable.

Card 3 Advice: Eight of Grails


The advice for today is to not let those toxic and dark emotions consume me.  I should try to life myself up from all that and distance myself emotionally from the situation.

Which fae will be my companion for the day: 38 The Pan (Heart of Faerie Oracle)


Well look at that, I got the exact same card than last time.  I get the feeling he is here to help me lift myself up today and give me courage, relating to the advice card, and to try to reach the stars, a place of healing and safety.

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