It’s been very recently discovered that NSA has a project called PRISM, which consists of major internet corporations allowing NSA to spy freely and access everything.  Among those internet corporations are the big social networks like Facebook and Google+.  Facebook and Google+ already sells our informations to other corporations, and now as we discover, the NSA as well.  The NSA does more than just spying on american citizens, they also spy on everyone else as well, so that means we are all affected, since all the major internet corporations are all on american soil.  The internet is american owned.

I knew that corporations were watching us, and I was guessing probably the government as well.  So I’ve been avoiding Google and their internet tools, GMail and Google+ too.  I closed my Facebook account some years ago, I don’t use Skype.  I have all my emails with Hotmail so I’ve been looking for another email provider.

I suggest that you install the extension Ghostery for your browser:

Opera: https://addons.opera.com/fr-ca/extensions/details/ghostery/?display=en

Firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/ghostery/

I suggest that you leave Facebook and Google+ and join instead Diaspora* or Friendica.  I’m on Diaspora* myself and I’ve recently opened a Friendica account as well.  I prefer Diaspora* though.


There are also plenty of alternatives to be found on that webpage, which gets updated all the time: http://prism-break.org/




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