My altar

I’ve finished arranging my altar in my new place so I took pictures.  I have now a little corner when I can put pagan stuff on the wall.  I have a few but I don’t have the nails necessary to place them on the wall.  I also have my bookshelf where I keep my books on Paganism, Wicca and various subjects.  I plan to replace it by a taller bookshelf at some point, because I’d like to put there too my books on tarot as well.

altar 1 1200

altar 2 1200

altar 4 1200

altar 5 1200

altar 3 1200

Wiccan Evolution Spread

This is a spread that I created for a wiccan deck I was using that I put on Aeclectic Tarot Forum.

1 – The querent.

2 – Where the querent is now in his/her Wiccan evolution.

3 – What the querent has achieved so far.

4 – What the querent needs to work on.

5 – The obstacle.

6 – The querent’s gift (talent).

7 – Outcome.

Conflict Spread

This is a spread that I created that I put on Aeclectic Tarot Forum.


1 – The querent.

2 – Past – what drove the querent in this position.

3 – The person the querent is in conflict with.

4 – Past – what drove this person in this position.

5 – Present situation.

6 – Obstacle.

7 – Cause of the obstacle.

8 – How to win over the person the querent is in conflict with.

9 – Result.

Alchemical Harmonization Spread

This is a spread that I created that I put on Aeclectic Tarot Forum.

This is a very deep spread involving harmonizing the inner parts of an individual, and getting rid of negative patterns as well. This is very alchemical involving the fermale, male and shadow aspects of oneself. Everyone has these aspects within themselves, more harmonized they are with oneself better it is. It’s a very big spread, 20 cards I think.

1 – Male aspect.
2 – Querent.
3 – The relationship between them now.
4 – Obstacle.
5 – How to make their relationship better and more harmonious.

6 – Female aspect.
7 – Querent.
8 – The relationship between them now.
9 – Obstacle.
10 – How to make their relationship better and more harmonious.

11 – Shadow aspect.
12 – Querent.
13 – The relationship between them now.
14 – Obstacle.
15 – How to make their relationship better and more harmonious.

16 – Negative pattern to get rid of 1.
17 – Negative pattern to get rid of 2.

18 – What to call forth instead 1.
19 – What to call forth instead 2.

20 – Final Result of the alchemical harmonization.

The Way of the Warrior Spread

This is a spread that I created that I put on Aeclectic Tarot Forum.

I made this spread because I’m Wiccan and in a Coven and there are many paths to study but I think it could be used as well for anyone being on their personal path. So Warrior can be replaced by Bard, Healer, Witch, etc.


1 – What sort of warrior you are.

2 – What you already have that you need that would help your warrior side.

3 – What you are missing that you need for your warrior side.

4 – How you should express your warrior side in a positive way.

5 – How/Where to use in the concrete world your warrior talent.

6 – How you negatively use your warrior side.

7 – How to be a better warrior.

The Dark Realm of Yourself Spread

This is a spread that I created that I put on Aeclectic Tarot Forum.

I wanted to make a dark spread that would fit with the macabre world of the Gothic Tarot by Vargo. Here it is. It can be done with any dark deck you have. I guess this spread could be adapted to fit any unique and atmospheric decks.


1 – Your Dark Soul Card – the card that represents the querent in this dark realm.

2 – Why you are here? – the reason why the querent is in this dark realm.

3 – What have you learned? – so far, in this journey of the soul, what lessons you have learned from this place.

4 – What do you still have to learn? – the lessons you still have to learn from this dark realm.

5 – What are you hiding from the others? – the aspects of yourself that you don’t show to the others.

6 – What is hidden from you? – the aspects of yourself that you’re not aware of or that you’re hiding from yourself; can be external from the querent.

7 – Your Dark Guardian – everyone has a guardian, and this card is the querent’s dark guardian; this card somehow represent inner aspects of the querent, for sometimes the guardians went through similar issues of the querent, so they’re there to teach to the querent the lessons they’ve learned.

8 – How does your Dark Guardian helps you? – this is the tip given by the Dark Guardian to the querent on how to deal with these issues; the Dark Guardian shows here how he/she helps the querent.

9 – How to see, and to get to, the light? – This is the ultimate advice of the reading.

Potential of Happiness of an Apartment Spread

This is a spread that I created that I put on Aeclectic Tarot Forum.

My landlord is kicking me out so I have to find a new place to live. As I check apartments, I made a spread to see what future I’d have in those places.

1 – Querent.

2 – Landlord.

3 – The apartment.

4 – What is hidden from you.

5 – Quality.

6 – Flaw.

7 – How you would be financially in this apartment.

8 – How you would be emotionally in this apartment.

9 – Result (get it or not?).

Coming Love Interest Spread

This is a spread that I created that I put on Aeclectic Tarot Forum.

Since I do not believe in soul mates, or I should say the concept being thrown around these days that soul mates are all romantic-deep-love-and-commitment-one-in-a-lifetime relationship, I came up with this spread for coming love relationships. This spread will allow you to see possible love relationships, whether they’ll be serious or not. And with this spread you’ll be able to decide if you want to get in these relationships or not. Maybe you don’t want serious, I’m not here to judge!

1 – Who is your coming love interest.

2 – His/her work, job.

3 – His/her quality.

4 – His/her flaw.

5 – His/her look (look on the card to see if there is any character on the card that could give you a clue about hair color per example, suits can give an indication (cups = blond, wands = red/auburn, coins = brown and swords = dark/black per example) and court cards can give a clue about the age as well).

6 – What he/she will think of you the first time you will meet.

7 – What you will think of him/her the first time you will meet.

8 – His/her feelings for you.

9 – Your feelings for him/her.

10 – The strength of your relationship.

11 – The weakness of your relationship.

12 – Love potential in long term.

The Backstabbing Spread

This is a spread that I created that I put on Aeclectic Tarot Forum.

This spread is to be used when you have suspicion that something is happening in your back and you don’t know what, why and who is involved. It won’t give the person’s name, address and phone number but it gives a detailed reading on the situation.

I tried to make the spread looks like if the querent in the middle is being under attack by arrows, so don’t think it has anything to do with the letter x.


1 – The querent, it’s position and motivation – I know many persons don’t use that card but I do, I prefer letting the deck decide which card is the good one by picking up a card by hazard.

2 – Present situation.

3 – Obstacle.

4 – The origin of the obstacle.

5 – Fear or hope.

6 – Close future.

7 – The others – how they perceive you and the situation, and if they are going to be allies or enemies in the situation.

8 – The person causing the harm, the person’s motivation.

9 – The harm being done to you.

10 – What is hidden from you.

11 – How to reverse the situation at your advantage, how to resolve it.

12 – Result.

13 – Advice.


I’ve been pretty busy these last months.

I took a course in Petit Lenormand from Sylvie Steinbach that lasted 5 weeks, so I was very much that, and later too, to practices what I’ve learned.  I really loved the course.  I wanted to take the next ones but I made a mistake and missed the opportunity to take the next courses.

I’ve been working to make a tarot workshop for friends, which will be given in february, so I have tons of tarot books to read, and I purchased a few tarot books too.  So I’m working on taking notes and all that for the course.

And I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but this autumn there has been so many new good tv shows, that I’ve not watched all the shows that I find interesting.  I plan to watch those other shows in december while the other ones will be on break.  Usually there is just one good new tv show to watch every year, so this year I’m overwhelmed.  I can say the same about animes.  I feel like all I do is watch tv, and personally I find watching tv numbing.

Frankly, I’ve not even played much MMORPGs because of that.  I quit Final Fantasy XIV Reborn because I don’t want to pay for a game I cannot play.  So I’ve invested in free-to-play MMORPGs instead.

With my new apartment being bigger, I’ll install my Yule decorations and tree in december.  I intend to post pictures of them.