Coming Love Interest Spread

This is a spread that I created that I put on Aeclectic Tarot Forum.

Since I do not believe in soul mates, or I should say the concept being thrown around these days that soul mates are all romantic-deep-love-and-commitment-one-in-a-lifetime relationship, I came up with this spread for coming love relationships. This spread will allow you to see possible love relationships, whether they’ll be serious or not. And with this spread you’ll be able to decide if you want to get in these relationships or not. Maybe you don’t want serious, I’m not here to judge!

1 – Who is your coming love interest.

2 – His/her work, job.

3 – His/her quality.

4 – His/her flaw.

5 – His/her look (look on the card to see if there is any character on the card that could give you a clue about hair color per example, suits can give an indication (cups = blond, wands = red/auburn, coins = brown and swords = dark/black per example) and court cards can give a clue about the age as well).

6 – What he/she will think of you the first time you will meet.

7 – What you will think of him/her the first time you will meet.

8 – His/her feelings for you.

9 – Your feelings for him/her.

10 – The strength of your relationship.

11 – The weakness of your relationship.

12 – Love potential in long term.

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