The Dark Realm of Yourself Spread

This is a spread that I created that I put on Aeclectic Tarot Forum.

I wanted to make a dark spread that would fit with the macabre world of the Gothic Tarot by Vargo. Here it is. It can be done with any dark deck you have. I guess this spread could be adapted to fit any unique and atmospheric decks.


1 – Your Dark Soul Card – the card that represents the querent in this dark realm.

2 – Why you are here? – the reason why the querent is in this dark realm.

3 – What have you learned? – so far, in this journey of the soul, what lessons you have learned from this place.

4 – What do you still have to learn? – the lessons you still have to learn from this dark realm.

5 – What are you hiding from the others? – the aspects of yourself that you don’t show to the others.

6 – What is hidden from you? – the aspects of yourself that you’re not aware of or that you’re hiding from yourself; can be external from the querent.

7 – Your Dark Guardian – everyone has a guardian, and this card is the querent’s dark guardian; this card somehow represent inner aspects of the querent, for sometimes the guardians went through similar issues of the querent, so they’re there to teach to the querent the lessons they’ve learned.

8 – How does your Dark Guardian helps you? – this is the tip given by the Dark Guardian to the querent on how to deal with these issues; the Dark Guardian shows here how he/she helps the querent.

9 – How to see, and to get to, the light? – This is the ultimate advice of the reading.

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