A few disasters

I did not place well my stuff around my prosperity altar, and the bookcase on top of my commode almost fell.  All my tarot decks on top of the bookcase fell on my head, and I had to try to quickly grab my stuff on my commode, mostly other decks, to ensure they would not fall behind the commode.  In the accident my Ganesh statue broke so I have to replace it.  I’ve decided to buy a different one this time though, but it will have to go to april.

ganesh 2

Also, my cat has not been feeling well for quite some time, has lost weight, and been leaving excrements right outside his litter.  Someone told me he’s constipated, and I’m really worried about my cat’s life right now since constipation in cats can lead to death if not treated.  So I’m going to go see a pet doctor in march, but in the meantime I’m really worried and scared about my cat and I want him to feel better as soon as possible.

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