My prosperity altar – final

I finally got the latest items for my altar, including the new statue of Ganesh.  So I took many pictures of it.  You have to open images on another tab with WordPress to see them full size, since they always shrink images to make them fit the width of the blogs.  The photos are really big so you will miss details if you don’t.

The first photos are of the altar itself and a closer view one:



I bought a green jewellery box where I could keep the crystals on top well protected, and everything else at the bottom.  I always keep the box open.  A friend gave me a green shawl so I put the altar box on top.


I have lots of coins in my box.  I have 3 old copper coins with Lincoln and wheats symbol for prosperity.  I also bought an old silver coin.  I have three chinese Feng Shui coins as well.  I added too some coins of the canadian 10 cent coin, because it shows a ship, that could represent good fortune being brought to me.


Among the asian items that I bought, beside the Feng Shui coins, is a japanese maneki-neko, I bought two, I keep one in my wallet and the other I keep it in the altar box.  I bought a chinese golden gold bar and a chinese golden gold fish.


I put herbs, rice and spices that attract prosperity in a small pot, mixed them, then I put some in a small green bag which I keep in the box.  I already had a few myself: allspices. clove, cinnamon, nutmeg and rice.  I bought a few at a store: juniper berries, patchouli, Tonka bean and vetiver roots.

I bought a rabbit’s foot when I was a kid and I still have it, and I decided to add it to my altar to bring luck to me.

I was given a small Fortuna charm, with a four-leaf clover, and I keep it on top because it’s very fragile.


I bought crystals that attract prosperity and I keep them on top well protected.  The crystals I bought are: aventurine, citrine, black tourmaline, chrysoprase, pyrite, lepidolite, blue sodalite and turquoise.


I bought as well seals of Jupiter and I keep them at the bottom of the box.


I picked the Archeon Tarot because it has nice coins in the Pentacles suit and on the Wheel of Fortune cards.


I choose the Goddess Fortuna because I’ve always liked the artistic representations of her with her cornucopia, filled with vegetables and fruits, and other times with coins.  She does represent for me prosperity and abundance.  I decided to add the God Ganesh to remove blocks and obstacles.  After all Ganesh is the Remover of Obstacles and the facilitator of good fortune, he removes any obstacle to wealth, good fortune, success, or anything else when asked.  And Ganesh has some prosperity aspect as well.


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