A new cat

Earlier today I went to the local pet shop and bought a kitten.  That kitten is my first kitten, all my previous cats were adults cats ditched by their owners.  I wanted a kitten for once.  It’s a male kitten and he’s black.  He’s really sweet and affectionate.  There were other kittens at the pet shop, but he alone came to me, purred when I took him, and climbed on me; after that when the girl there tried to take him he did not want to leave me.  I felt he was the right cat for me so I choose him.  I’ve decided to call him Merlin, I think it suits him.  I shall post pictures later.

One comment

  1. Mamie · September 6, 2014

    Salut ma puce!

    Rosie et moi sommes allées voir les vidéos de cette petite boule de poil qui s’appelle Merlin… absolument adorable… On dirait qu’il est bleu tellement il est noir… et quels yeux! Tellement mignon… il faudra que j’aille le voir en personne et le prendre dans mes bras… j’adore les chatons. Beaucoup de bonheur à vous deux!

    Mamie xoxoxoxo

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