Beautiful Screensavers

There are beautiful screensavers in 3D by 3Planesofft.  Some are nature scenes, some are fantasy, some show real places, like Stonehenge, some are festive (Holiday scenes).  They cost less if you buy a few at once, instead of buying one at once.

I live in a city and I’m sick and disabled, and my capacity of movement are limited.  The money I have is also limited because of that.  I don’t have much opportunity to travel, go the country for a week-end.  I’ve thought in the past to move and live in the country, in a small town perhaps, but that never happened.

Also, because I live in a city, the light pollution prevents me to gaze at the night sky and look at the stars and the moon, the moon looks a bit blurry here.  I’ve always prefered the night over the day, the night sky, the stars, and the moon.  I lived in the suburbs for some years and I could see the night sky without problems.

Now these screensavers make me dream of other places, in nature, listening to the birds, animals and the insects.

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