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My name is Chantal and I live in Québec in Canada.  My mother language is French.  In the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test I’m an INTJ.  I’m a major cat lover, I’ve got one right now named Percy and you can take a look at his page in the links section of this blog.

I love playing videogames, but my favorite type is MMORPGs, I quit The Lord of the Ring Online , The Secret World , and  The Elder Scrolls Online  .  I’m taking a break from  Final Fantasy XIV Reborn and I’ve been playing Blade & Soul, I really love the eastern fantasy setting.  I’ve also started to play MapleStory 2. I’ve dabbled in Guild Wars 2 , Neverwinter , Champions Online . I play Diablo 3 sometimes, I really like the dark fantasy, macabre, gory, gothic setting.

I also love using and collecting tarot and oracle decks, I’m pretty much at 62 tarot decks and 56 oracles. I love to read books, mostly fiction, and watch movies from black and white movies to more recent ones, international movies as well, to watching tv shows.   I also love mangas and animes and I’m collecting mangas as well.

I’m also Wiccan so I have interests in Paganism and occult stuff in general as well.  I was in a coven, the tradition was Celtic Shamanic Wicca, I reached the Second Degree in it, but the coven, the oldest and had existed for 10 years, folded because too many members were moving and only a few were left behind.  I also have interests into Druidry and have started courses with the OBOD.


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  1. Jennifer Johnson · March 18, 2011

    Hey, I love your blog.. I found you quite by “fate”.. I recently acquired the beautiful and enchanting Tarot of the vampires.. and I love it.. I am captivated by it.. each card is so intriguing and breathtaking and poignant.. a whole new realm for my readings.. Blessed Be
    SwampWitch of Socastee

  2. Tiffany · February 24, 2012

    Hi Chantal, I followed your Aeclectic Tarot profile to here and thought I would drop a hello. You have quite a lovely blog and your twitter feed gave me a happy chuckle. Guild Wars 2 can’t come out soon enough! I managed to convince all my friends to sign up for beta too just so I can (hopefully) nab it when they’re not using it. Best of luck with your chances! I read over 1 million people signed up in the 48ish hour period it was up. Is there a specific tarot card to channel to increase our luck? 😛

    I’m also wondering, does your tarot group still meet in Montreal? I happen to live in Laval (moved here last year) and I recently got interested in learning tarot. I would be happy to drop a visit sometime if you’d have me.

    Have a lovely day and try not to get buried under all the snow!

    • Strange Realms · February 28, 2012

      Thank you for liking my blog and my twitter!

      I’ve been waiting for years after Guild Wars 2 and I feel very relieved to know it will finally come out… soon. I’ve done the same as well for The Secret World, both since 2007. The Secret World is slated for june 2012. I was quite surprised to see that 1 million people filled the closed beta form in 2 days, that is quite impressive. I guess maybe the Wheel of Fortune could help to make us luckier.

      Yes, we still meet in Montreal, 4 times a year. We’ve been meeting for years and the number has never grown, it has been just me and Annik. Our discussions have dried up, we’ve run out of tarot discussions, so now we just show our latest additions to our collections since we both collect. We’ve been dying to see new people but that has never really happenned. A few persons have showed up but never came back. Our next meeting will be in april. Don’t hesitate to come!

      Have fun on your side…

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