Going back to my roots

I’ve decided to go back to the MMORPG Saga of Ryzom. now renamed Ryzom.  Ryzom is the first MMORPG I played back then, during the open beta, that got me got addicted to MMORPGs.  The setting is science-fantasy and it’s a sandbox game, but they’ve added quests since, called missions that you do as well.

The game was launched in 2004 and I bought the game, but could not play as long as they didn’t add Paypal as methods of payment.  I joined a guild of friendly players up until I left the game for another MMORPG, because I was unable to pay for more than 1 subcription for a month back then.  It’s not the case anymore.  You can get more infos here:


http://w.ryzom.com/  (old website, but this one has wallpapers, webkits, videos)

https://ryzom.com/  new website)

“The game takes place on the planet Atys. Unlike normal planets, Atys is an enormous tree large enough to sustain an atmosphere and multiple ecosystems on its surface and within immense networks of branches and roots. The various creatures in Ryzom have differing AI based upon their species that allows them to perform many realistic behaviors, such as migration and movement as a herd. Carnivores, for example, will attack specific animals for food, and certain animals hunt in packs. The game also features changing seasons and weather. Weather effects include rain, snow, and wind. Tied to the season and weather changes are the movements of animals and the availability of harvestable materials. For example, a certain type of sap may only be harvested during spring rains and be unattainable during other seasons or weather conditions. Weather conditions can change minute by minute. Each game season (spring, summer, fall, and winter) lasts four real-time days.

Player characters come from one of four distinct humanoid races, collectively called “homins”. The ‘Matis’ are a proud and noble race of forest dwellers. They have mastered the art that is a fusion of botany and genetic manipulation, and consequently they have constructed their kingdom and castles from massive trees grown for that very purpose. The ‘Tryker’ are a fiercely independent and fun-loving race of lake dwellers. They build large floating cities on their lakes, and networks of wind-powered water pumps around them. The ‘Zoraï’ are a spiritual and tranquil race of jungle dwellers. They build their temple-cities within naturally fortified areas of the jungle. Finally, the ‘Fyros’ are a tough and obstinate race of desert dwellers. They have mastered fire technology, which they like to build into their weapons and architecture”  from Wikipedia

Back when I played, my character was a Matis and they live mainly in the forests of beautiful trees with the weather and the seasons, which is my favorite area, the LakeLands of the Trykers is my second with the beaches, the sea, the lakes.   Back then when you made a character of the cerrtain race, you ended up at that area of the main game of that race when you finished the tutorial and teleported there, the  Matis to the forest, the Fyros to the desert, the Trykers to the lakelans and the Zorai to the jungles.  Not anymore, now you can chose which city and region you want to go to.  There is a free-to-play version but I prefer paying for the extra XP, the extra storage.   And with the max lv you can reach, lv 250 for those who pay, and max 125 for the free playing, so that means a LOT of grinding, I’d rather pay for the extra XP and storage (like getting an apartment to put your stuff into since there are no bank in the game.

When they merged the servers they deleted every character, but I’ve managed to get mine back.  The game setting is a giant living growing tree and you can see them in the game giant branches in the sky, roots.  The game still look quite beautiful and magical even if date 15 years.  The game feel very pagan to me and you can check it out yourself for free.


When I was in my coven, we had to write a poem, and I wrote one about the Goddess Brighid. I think it fits with Imbolc that is coming, since it’s Brighid that brings Spring to us, and Imbolc is related to Brighid.  I had an image in my mind when I wrote that poem, an image I found on the internet years later, which I will share here as well.


The Radiant Brighid

She comes into the light,
Her naked feet caressing the snow,
And as she comes, bringing the light,
The snow melts under her feet.

She bears the Sun on her cloak
And Spring on her pale face,
A warm breeze plays with her blond hair,
Her smile full of promises.

Her radiant beauty makes Winter go away
And Darkness hides at the other side of the world.
Her green thumb is prosperous,
It gives life and heals.

With her fingers on her harp,
She awakens the souls and the spirits
From their deep sleep
And inspires them visions of beauty and of peace.


My small Druid Altar

Since the fall of my coven, I’ve decided to focus on my interest into Druidry, and in the Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids in particular, and I bought years ago their bardic course, but never found the time to do it.  I’ve felt I needed to have a Druid Altar so I’ve been looking for a place to put it, away from my cat who could easily destroy it.  So I’ve decided to put it in the kitchen, next to my other things close to the door, so I went looking for small items.  I bought most of my items at The Magical Druid.

You have to open images on another tab with WordPress to see them full size, since they always shrink images to make them fit the width of the blogs.




Now I’ll show things up close.  One of the items is part of a Mint-Tin Altar kit so I keep the rest of the kit in the red box.







Tempting ritual dress and coat

I’d like to buy a ritual dress and coat but with my small and petite frame nothing fits me.  I’ve spotted that online store a while ago, but I was busy putting all my money on the vet lately for my cat, and my prosperity altar, that had no money for that then.  The store in question, they do the clothing made to measure following your measurements, hence why I want to get them while they still do it.  It’s a gothic boutique but it has pretty items.  The dress I have my eyes on is this one:


And the coat it’s that one:


Wish me good luck!!!

My prosperity altar – final

I finally got the latest items for my altar, including the new statue of Ganesh.  So I took many pictures of it.  You have to open images on another tab with WordPress to see them full size, since they always shrink images to make them fit the width of the blogs.  The photos are really big so you will miss details if you don’t.

The first photos are of the altar itself and a closer view one:



I bought a green jewellery box where I could keep the crystals on top well protected, and everything else at the bottom.  I always keep the box open.  A friend gave me a green shawl so I put the altar box on top.


I have lots of coins in my box.  I have 3 old copper coins with Lincoln and wheats symbol for prosperity.  I also bought an old silver coin.  I have three chinese Feng Shui coins as well.  I added too some coins of the canadian 10 cent coin, because it shows a ship, that could represent good fortune being brought to me.


Among the asian items that I bought, beside the Feng Shui coins, is a japanese maneki-neko, I bought two, I keep one in my wallet and the other I keep it in the altar box.  I bought a chinese golden gold bar and a chinese golden gold fish.


I put herbs, rice and spices that attract prosperity in a small pot, mixed them, then I put some in a small green bag which I keep in the box.  I already had a few myself: allspices. clove, cinnamon, nutmeg and rice.  I bought a few at a store: juniper berries, patchouli, Tonka bean and vetiver roots.

I bought a rabbit’s foot when I was a kid and I still have it, and I decided to add it to my altar to bring luck to me.

I was given a small Fortuna charm, with a four-leaf clover, and I keep it on top because it’s very fragile.


I bought crystals that attract prosperity and I keep them on top well protected.  The crystals I bought are: aventurine, citrine, black tourmaline, chrysoprase, pyrite, lepidolite, blue sodalite and turquoise.


I bought as well seals of Jupiter and I keep them at the bottom of the box.


I picked the Archeon Tarot because it has nice coins in the Pentacles suit and on the Wheel of Fortune cards.


I choose the Goddess Fortuna because I’ve always liked the artistic representations of her with her cornucopia, filled with vegetables and fruits, and other times with coins.  She does represent for me prosperity and abundance.  I decided to add the God Ganesh to remove blocks and obstacles.  After all Ganesh is the Remover of Obstacles and the facilitator of good fortune, he removes any obstacle to wealth, good fortune, success, or anything else when asked.  And Ganesh has some prosperity aspect as well.


A prosperity altar

My computer needs to be upgraded, and I’d like to replace my old white Ikea furnitures at some point.  I’d like that too to take german courses but they’re really expensive, like 500$ each course, really depressing.  So to help me in these tasks I’ve decided to create a permanent prosperity altar in my bedroom.  So I’ve been looking around for advices.

I’ve decided to get a statue of the god Ganesh.  The thing with Ganesh is that Ganesh is the Remover of Obstacles, he removes any obstacle to wealth, good fortune, success, or anything else when asked.  I think Ganesh should be very helpful in my home.  Here is a photo of the statue:


And I’ve decided to buy a statue of the goddess Fortuna, the goddess of good fortune, good luck, blessings, wealth, etc.  Here is a photo of the statue:


I have other items planned for my prosperity altar and I shall take a picture of the finished project.

My altar

I’ve finished arranging my altar in my new place so I took pictures.  I have now a little corner when I can put pagan stuff on the wall.  I have a few but I don’t have the nails necessary to place them on the wall.  I also have my bookshelf where I keep my books on Paganism, Wicca and various subjects.  I plan to replace it by a taller bookshelf at some point, because I’d like to put there too my books on tarot as well.

altar 1 1200

altar 2 1200

altar 4 1200

altar 5 1200

altar 3 1200