Reading intuitively

I’m sure like many others, you are confused on how to read intuitively. Heck, I spent ten year not reading intuitively tarot myself and I was quite confused. I was especially envious of those who could read intuitively and get all those informations from a card. As an air sign, and lots of air in my chart, I’m rather rational and logical than intuitive, I could be, without a doubt, a Vulcan in a past life.


My first intuitive reading hit me like a brick. I have to tell you that story. I had just bought the Ancient Enlightement Tarot and those who know what deck know how weird and strangely ugly the deck is. I personally like weird and strange and the fact that the Rider-Waite Smith minors are inspired from it, I had to have it. As usual when I get a new deck, I bring it to my mother so she can check it out, she deeply wishes though I could stick to one deck for life at some point. She asked me to read her about work using this deck and I did so. As the obstacle position, the Three of Wands came up, the infamous decapitated cupidon. This card was my first intuitive reading. As you can see, the cheeks of the cupidon are hurt and swollen and he seems in pain. I suddenly remembered my mother’s arthritis and in particular the one she has in her mouth and jaws, at that moment it was very painful and swollen and it was giving to my mother headaches as well, she could barely eat too, hindering her work. I swear, when I saw this card and understood it, I almost jumped and screamed: "Oh my God, I just read intuitively!!!"


Another example of an intuitive reading is one I made at some point with the Fey Tarot. The High Priestess came up. She is a pretty fey reading a book, sitting in some stairs. I was wondering what it could be, as you probably must have noticed, majors are hard to decipher, and suddenly, I saw that there was a door in the back at the top of the stairs, and the two dragons seemed to be inviting me there but the High Priestess was blocking the path. I realised that it meant that there was something I wanted to get but a person was blocking my way to get it which was true indeed (I ended up not getting it by the way).

Since then, I do read more intuitively. I guess we are so worried to learn by heart the cards and stop using the books all the time that we forget to look at the images of the deck. Effectively, the images will draw you in and elements might pop up more than others and you might suddenly get an idea about it.  It is important though to keep on learning tarot’s meanings, for intuition will not always kick in and you will need to fall back on your knowledge of tarot then.

An aspect though that might affect reading intuitively is the deck that you are using. As you can see in my examples, there is only one decapitated cupidon on a Three of Wands and it’s in the Ancient Enlightement Tarot. If I would have used another deck, I would have not gotten that reading. You might like the deck you have now but do you really connect with it? Can you be inspired by it and read intuitively with it? Sometimes, people get better readings with other decks than the "one" they have, some say that since you are not used to these new images, the cards are fresh and elements might pop up more than a deck you know by heart and don’t really notice anymore. Since this is all a matter of personal taste here, what might work for you might not work for others. You might find some decks aesthetic pleasing and yet, you might not be able to do intuitive readings with them. It’s a matter of testing decks and finding the one, or the ones, that suits you best. Some per example, use certain decks for certain matters, like The Lovers Path Tarot for love and relationship readings. As you can see, having more than one deck can give you advantages over those who only have one.

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Essay – Validity of tarot and other oracles

I find this frustrating when so-called scientists and sceptics try to test readers on documentaries, articles and especially on tv shows/news. Of course their conclusion is that readers are all fraud and are out there to make money on you. It’s true there are frauds everywhere but putting everyone in the same box is wrong, it’s generalisation.

The worse is that the methods used are not even scientific. They have no knowledge on these subjects and are deeply prejudiced. Worse, they do not test the readers’ capacity to read well, they test whether the readers are telepath or not, in other words, if the readers are not telepath and can’t read in the person’s mind asking for a reading is feeding false datas and is testing the readers, then these readers are fraud. Tell me, how many persons you know are telepath? Probably none, right? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a telepath myself and I hang with readers and Neo-Pagans. Indeed, some readers say they are psychic but most of them are not. Actually, anyone can read tarot or any oracle without having any psychic power, I’m among them. So these pseudo reporters completely distort everything, don’t use any scientific methods, feed false datas and then make funs of readers because they are not telepath. Not once do they truly and honestly test the readers.

Let me teach you a few things about how these things work. I’ll start with a pendulum and you can go buy one to test it yourself. I never use a pendulum on my side, for a simple fact, you can make a pendulum say whatever you want. You ask the pendulum if you will win lottery the next day, it will say yes, it will tell you you will meet the person of your dreams next week and a nice raise next month. Pendulums are like statistics, you can make them say anything. In other words, you have complete control over the pendulum.

Cards like tarot in the other hand are more difficult to control, but it is doable. Here are different ways to control the cards:

– If you are delusional about something, or the person you read is, cards will have weird reactions, they’ll end up saying things that don’t make sense. An excellent example of this is a friend who is highly delusional over many things and this person’s lease was finishing. The person did not want to quit the place at all but was forced to. I read this person many times and with other oracles beside tarot and there was no move in the cards, just to show you how much the person was fixated with the idea of staying there. But then, maybe I should have not let the person shuffle and pick the cards, because when I hold my decks I tell them I want to know the truth, no matter what, even if it hurts.

– I made the mistake, when I read this person, to ask the cards many times over the same question which is something else cards don’t like either, if you ask too many times the same question, the cards stop making sense because you don’t accept the answers they gave you earlier, they don’t want to deal with you anymore (didn’t you get it the first time?).

– Another way to control the cards is to be emotional during a reading, really emotional, whether it’s blissfulness, excitation, depression or fear. The cards will pick up on these and will be influenced. If you are too blissful, cards will tell you positive things that might be to good to be true, and probably aren’t. You’re excited about something? The cards might tell you you will get it, even if it’s not true. Depressed and scared? Then you can expect the cards to come up with the worse catastrophes to make you worry even more. It’s essential to be calm and objective about yourself and the situation when you read yourself, and the querent must be this way as well for the cards not to come up with stuff like that.

– People tend to ask the wrong questions or not phrasing well their questions. It’s best not to ask a yes/no question because it’s impossible for the cards to answer yes or no. Also, some ask about money but deep down they are asking about love and the cards end up not making sense because they don’t know which question to answer, so it’s important to have clear questions and to ask about what matter most.

– This one is the favorite of the pseudo-reporters and scientific testers, also used by sceptics, feeding the reader false datas. It’s obvious in science that if you feed false datas you will get false results. It’s the same with the cards. If you’re not honest and upfront, make up stories that aren’t true, the cards won’t make sense either. Also, cards require a lot of interpretation, the cards do not give clear cut answers, it’s up to the reader, using the informations you gave him/her, to interpret the informations and give them to you. If you get Two of Cups and you said before that you’re married the reader won’t think then about a possible marriage when interpreting this card, per example.

It’s very important to be open when being read, or doing a reading. If you really want to be read by a reader, then I suggest to avoid everything that can make the cards come up with nonsense that I described above. This is the only way to have a chance to have a good reading. So if you’re a sceptic and used one or many of these methods and the cards did not make sense, I hope now you can understand why it did not go well, give tarot (and any oracle) a second try and this time make sure not to screw up, it’s important not to go there and deeply wish the cards fail, because they probably will. These are also good tips if you want to learn to read tarot and/or any other oracle. The power of the mind is incredible and it’s important to be careful about being calm, grounded and objective before readings so that you control as little as possible the cards.

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Gothic Tarot by Vargo

Here is a review I wrote for Aeclectic, it was edited, and I’m putting it here (unedited), since I wrote it, might give reviews of my other decks as well.

Gothic Tarot by Vargo

Imagine a world filled with mist, darkness and gloom where light shines through. Elegant, passionate and sensual characters wander through the mist and the darkness of this world, their hearts full of darkness and full of light. Vampires, werewolves, witches, gargoyles, angels, ghosts, are among the characters found on the cards. Each of them reveals the cards’s meanings in a particular way. The Gothic Tarot is an awesome gothic deck wonderfully drawn by the talented Joseph Vargo.

The Gothic Tarot is published independantly by Vargo himself. There is no need to be worried though, the publication is done professionaly, the box is nice and the little white book well done. The deck in itself is of good quality for an independant publication, the cards are a bit thin though; they have a hard smell, that goes away after a few weeks, and unfortunatly the scratches appear better because of the black background. The little white book is pretty average for a LWB. Frankly, this deck is so great it would have been neat to have a real small book with it, with Vargo talking about his deck and the cards and his art, similarly to the small book that comes with The Golden Tarot (Kat Black). Many have made that suggestion. (message to Vargo: Please! Please!) I suggest, for those who love this deck, to buy a second copy while the deck is still available.

Thankfully for everyone, as Vargo was working on the majors, and wanting to have unillustrated pips for the minor arcana, he heard about the Rider-Waite Smith Tarot and its fully illustrated pips. This is what gave him the idea to fully illustrate the minors. I’m saying thankfully because, even though the majors are really well done, the prettiest cards are among the minors. I don’t think I would have loved this deck as much as I do if the minors would have not been illustrated. The minors follow the RWS’s tradition. The titles are regular RWS titles, even though Strength and Justice are switch, la Marseille (Justice being VIII and Strength being XI). The back of the cards is not reversible. The deck is larger than average (7.5 cm X 12.6 cm), which allows for the art to come out better, and for this deck, it’s just perfect.

Many cards in the deck are based on previous art of works by Joseph Vargo. It seems Vargo had some fun reinventing his art to fit with the meanings of the cards. I don’t know if Vargo created some art specificaly for this tarot though. Be happy, the collage work doesn’t show. So, getting the deck is a cheap way to get most of Vargo’s art of works, especially at 15$US, with free shipping to the US residents (you have to buy it directly to Vargo’s website though for that).
While some might think this deck is just an art deck or a curiosity, one of those theme decks, this deck is actually quite workable, deep and intuitive. Even though the atmosphere is dark and gothic, the readings are not necessery dark and negative. I have made many light, good and positive readings with it, contrary to what people might think, and to the surprise of my querents. There’s not as much blood in the deck as people think. The effects are usually more atmospheric and left to the imagination than fully showed.

Here’s what I wrote for The Lovers – VI:

The back of the card is the same as the Empress and the High Priest. Here are the Lovers, in a door within a vault. The arch has a pillar on each side, and on each side of the arch stands the guardians (representing an initiation), skeletons with wings. A woman, wearing a white nightgown, is embraced tenderly and passionatly from behind by a vampire dressed in black, and gives her a kiss on the neck, before bitting her and making her belong to him, joined in eternity.
Him, dressed in black, and her, in white, makes me think of this act as a loss of innocence, loss of virginity. The others cards before refered to spiritual and material aspect, with this one is emotional, passionate and sexual. Giving yourself totally, your love, your body, your blood and your soul. And this is also a big commitment, for it is for eternity. She still can run away, if she really wants to, I don’t think this vampire would take her by force; it is entire up to her to stay or not, she has to surrender to be taken.

The Gothic Tarot is dear to my heart and I’m more than happy to have it in my collection. It fulfills the Romantic (and here I’m talking about the Romantic period in the 19th century), dark and gothic in me. The deck softly whispers to your ears and chats with you, hypnotic, and invites you in… Will you succumb?

If you want to study this deck and seek its depth, you can go to The Gothic Tarot by Vargo Study Group Forum on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum here:

Vargo’s Gothic Website

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