Kith and Kin

There is an interesting exercise in the book that comes with the Tarot of Vampyres that shows your sun sign, rising sign, your clan and things like that using the cards from the deck.  I shall post my results.

Dynasty Card (sun sign aquarius): The Star


Moon Card (moon in gemini): The Lovers


Rising Card (rising sign virgo): The Hermit


I’m part of the Clan Card: The Knife, The Orders of Counselors, Seers and Mystics

Bloodline Card: Five of Knives


Ancestry Card: Four of Knives


Descendency Card: Six of Knives


Court Card: Prince of Knives


Tarot of Vampyres I The Magician

Here is what I wrote for the Magician:


The Magician has golden tattoos on his arms and shoulders representing the golden solar energy that he is (Will). There is a red halo behind his head and I have no idea what it is, an aura of his energy? Another interesting element is the box that is under the skull, it is closed with a lock and you need a key to open it. What does the Magician hides there? Our hidden potentials? I’m guessing he is the only one who can open it.