As I write this, I have two songs in my head: 1990 by Jean Leloup and 2001 by Melissa Etheridge.

How fast time has passed by. 2009 is at the corner and I’ve done my best at not thinking about it, and especially not thinking about some upcoming projects. I tend to be insominiac and I avoid sources of insomnia for my well being and excitment is one of them.

The Secret World
A few words have come out recently about the game, at the beginning of 2009, there should be finally an official website and a PR. Some parts of the game are near completion, others still in development and right now they’re implementing RPG and combat system to the game.

I really hope this time Funcom will have learned their lessons and deliver a well polished finished game with The Secret World. The fact that the leads behind The Secret World are not the same as Age of Conan is promising but with their reputation pretty much ruined when Age of Conan came out, they should make their best to be forgiven with The Secret World.

Guild Wars 2

At first we were told we would get beta news end of 2008 but it was changed to 2009. The only informations about Guild Wars 2 are scarce and no information about the game has come up since. I fell in love with the game when it came out may 2005, a genuine fantasy world and lore, one of the rare few that is not heavily inspired by Tolkien. The story of Guild Wars 2 happens 250 years after what happens in the expansion Eyes of the North. Unlike the first Guild Wars, many races will be playable in Guild Wars 2 and my favorite race is among the short list: the Charr (Link 1 + Link 2). The Dwarves will become extinct and won’t be a part of Guild Wars 2, so their only Tolkien element in Guild Wars will be non-existant in Guild Wars 2. So far, the official list of playable races has five races: Humans, Charr, Norns, Asuras and Silvaris. Whether there will be more races is unknown. The game will have no monthly fee again and apparently it will be persistent with some instances left for missions and dungeons.

So while we will get the same areas, after 250 years things will be entirely different and we will have to rediscover again the beloved areas.
Considering ArenaNet has done a very good job with Guild Wars I have a lot of hope with Guild Wars 2, they delivered a top notch well polished game with constant support, listened to their community of players even without having an official forums (many suggestions done by the players on fan forums were implemened in Guild Wars), etc. And I hope as well the graphics and art style will be even more gorgeous then they aready are.

More links:

Link 1

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Guild Wars – Review


Guild Wars is a casual non-gear-oriented PvE MMO with some good PvP to do as well. Some devs from Blizzard wanted to try something new, left Blizzard and created ArenaNet, and they came up with Guild Wars. Considering Guild Wars has sold over 5 millions boxes, we can say with certainty that venture is a great success. Do not let yourself fool by the title that the game is fully PvP, the Guild Wars title actually refers to a certain period of time called Guild Wars in the history of the world of Tyria.

The devs wanted to try many new things and one of them is the settings of the game. Tolkien’s Middle-Earth and creatures have been overused to death during the last decades in novels and games of all sort (D&D to videogames) so for those who want fantasy without having to deal with yet another Tolkien’s inspired world… again, then Guild Wars is your answer. The only remnant of Tolkien in Guild Wars is the Dwarves that we get to interact with, the only playable race in Guild Wars is Human. So the first Guild Wars, called Prophecies, is based on a fantasy medieval europe with its characters (white caucasians) to architecture to armors. The graphics are superb and the art style oh so beautiful, the devs have decided to go toward realism of graphics instead of cartoonish for World of Warcraft. Even though the game has awesome graphics, the game can be played on very low computers and be played as well on dial-up connection, the game was made to be playable for everyone and to look way better than World of Warcraft in term of graphics. The devs have worked very hard on the lore and history of Tyria, fleshing out their world and there is a great variety of different environments from jungles to desert to snowy areas to explore. Even better, the devs have come up with a good storyline in Guild Wars that makes us the heroes and they use well instances, missions and cinematics (voiced videos) to fulfill this. The day you see your own alt in those cinematics, you’re hooked.

Each campaign adds a new area and a new type of people with their own history, you do not need the first game to buy a campaign. In Factions, the game is inspired highly by Asia and the devs have created a fantasy asian game with Asians everywhere, you even get to create your own asian alt. In Nightfall, the devs have inspired themselves from Middle-Orient and Africa to make it, so there are indeed Black and Oriental NPCs everywhere and you get to create your own too. Each campaign has its own storyline similar to the first Guild Wars and each adds two new classes as well as two new slots to play them. In Factions comes the Assassin and the Ritualist and from Nightfall the Paragon and the Dervish. The other playable classes are Warrior, Monk, Elementalist, Necromancer, Mesmer and Ranger. One fascinating aspect of the classes in Guild Wars is that each class has its own unique look and its own unique set of armors that the other classes cannot wear so it really sets them apart. If you want more slots you can now buy them on the online store. The beautiful music in Guild Wars was composed by Jeremy Soule who has previously won prizes for his music in other videogames, and in each campaign the music is different and suits well the different settings.
Guild Wars is a team-based game and you have to team up most of the time in order to do quests and missions. There are Henchmen that can be hired if you cannot find people to play with at that moment, but be aware that the Henchmen take their part of the drops like golds and items and that their AI is so so. In Nightfall, you get better, you get customizable heroes and you can choose which skills they will use and which weapons too, their AI is superior to the regular henchmen but just like them they take their part of the loot too.

The game is mostly instanced so you are alone with your team. It allows for scripted quests, you also don’t have to deal with bad players and you don’t have to wait in line for anything. Once the mobs are killed, they do not respawn. The maps are really good, the small one shows you exactly where you’ve been walking and exactly where you should go for the quest, and the top map at the right, you can also write on it with your mouse if you want to show the strategy you want to use to your teammates more clearly. The game makes it easy to do quests by showing you where to go, that doesn’t mean it will be a one minute trip though. You can only use eight skills at once on your bar so you have to make that decision before leaving town because once you are outside you cannot change your skills.

Talking about skills, it’s pretty much what Guild Wars is about. Each class gets tons of skills (I think each class has over 100 skills now, including elite skills) in different trees and in town you can switch around your points in the trees you want without having to pay a fee. In Guild Wars, each player gets to have as well a second class and everything you’ve unlocked on a class (skills and pet) is kept forever even if you switch around your second class many times (because you can switch too anytime your second class without having to pay a fee). So, the number of possible combinations with the first and second class and the amount of skills available, it makes you think a lot when it’s time to choose which eight skills you will bring with you this time. As I said, the game is pretty much about skills and the storyline, since the max level is 20 and easily reachable, you keep playing the game to follow the storyline but as well to acquire more skills including elite skills only obtainable by killing a certain elite boss.

Maybe it could be time I talk about PvP. The PvP in Guild Wars is fair and square since the game is non-gear-oriented which means anyone with so so armor and weapons can compete with the others in PvP. PvE and PvP are completely separated in Guild Wars which means that PvE players can happily do nothing but PvE and never touch to PvP, also your chance to get ganked is none in Guild Wars, and it’s true the other way around as well since you can create a full PvP alt at max level but you cannot do PvE with that PvP alt. There are many different forms of PvP available in Guild Wars: Guild versus Guild, Random Arena (2 teams of 4 put randomly), Team Arena (2 teams of 4), International PvP (Hall of Monument), some PvP with the Kurzicks and the Luxons and the last PvP Alliance Battle which is my favorite form of PvP. Most players in Guild Wars actually do not PvP or rarely. The devs behind Guild Wars, in order to satisfy the demands of the PvE players, have decided to put aside Guild Wars because the devs are limited with its engine and have decided to restart anew, build a new engine, and make Guild Wars 2 which happens around 250 years after the last expansion (Eyes of the North).

ArenaNet have recently put on sale a Guild Wars Trilogy that contains all three campaigns for a very good price, 50$ USD, which is very good for anyone who has wanted to try out the game but was overwhelmed at the thought of having to buy all three campaigns at 40-45$ USD each.

Nothing is perfect in this world, except for cats of course, so Guild Wars has to have flaws. I think the most important is the constant fights between the PvE players and the PvP players, and for a game where PvE and PvP was supposed to be separated, too many PvP elements was ruining PvE: balancing the skills in term of PvP and ignoring its impact in PvE was one, the Underworld (a dungeon) was only accessible if your country had won x times in the International PvP form, etc. On this matter, 3 years later, ArenaNet has finally fully separated these two but it’s too little too late. Some may find the instances and the absence of jumping a complete turnoff. Also, while at first there was sometimes a class discrimination when it was time to make a team, now it’s builds discrimination where players are not admitted in a team because they do have the "right" build (the set of eight skills on the skill bar). The community is so so and some places are filled with teenagers, or so it seems, but that doesn’t mean it’s all bad, there are plenty of nice people but unlike the bad ones they are less vocal. Guild Wars at first was all about fun and no grind, now it’s more about grind and it’s very sad indeed to see. It’s hard to find people to do missions but that is partly because people are spread out through the three campaigns so it makes grouping harder, the other reason is that Guild Wars will not get more content like a new expansion or campaign so some people have burned the game a while ago and have stopped playing the game, awaiting patiently for Guild Wars 2 (or not).

The game is perfect for casual players who love flexibility and who want to play a genuine fantasy game that is in no way related to Tolkien, where they get to be involved in many storylines where they are the heroes and have fun exploring beautiful fantasy worlds, where they can as well play a fair PvP when they want to. They will have to accept though that no new addition will be made to Guild Wars since the devs are focusing solely on Guild Wars 2.

The official website: http://www.guildwars.com/

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The Lord of the Rings Online – Review


The Lord of the Rings Online is a casual MMO set in the world of Middle-Earth created by Tolkien, and the MMO is set during the books The Lord of the Rings. The world is very well recreated, anyone could get all mushy just wandering in the Shire (I do). The graphics are superb except for the models alas who are not as good quality as the scenics around, but after a while they grow on you and you end up finding the Hobbits oh so cute and huggable. The music is also very beautiful and atmospheric, setting well with the world. The Lord of the Rings Online is probably the most immersive MMO out there, Turbine has managed to create a breathing living world where one can cook, eat, drink, play music, dance and smoke pipe. You can even get your own house. Landroval is the unofficial RP server on the North American side and you will see often players role-playing their characters and throw RP events, yo get to write, and read bios as well. The community in The Lord of the Rings Online is very mature and nice.

You have access to four races when you create your characters: Elves, Hobbits, Dwarves and Humans. Each have their own newbie area except that the Dwarves and the Elves share theirs. Even though Frodo and his friends are the heroes in the books, Turbine has managed very well to integrate a parallel storyline for our alts where we get to be heroes as well. We handle the bandits at Bree, investigate the Ors in North Downs, and in the meantime we get to meet the main characters from the books ingame for more immersion.

The Lord of the Rings Online’s interface is very intuitive and the game is easy to be handled even by those who have never played a MMO before. The stats increase all by themselves when you level up and your skills become more powerful as well without having to dabble with anything. Each class has a good number of different skills to choose from, I’m not fond of those MMOs with very limited skills where you just get the same skill but a tid bit more powerful than the previous one. The game is non gear oriented, very casual, and it’s easy to level up and solo most of the content. Crafting is fun and very useful, you really have the feeling it’s meaningful.

Nothing is perfect in this world, except for cats of course, so The Lord of the Rings Online has to have flaws. The whole solo thing can be a bad thing when players can level up to the max level without ever grouping with anyone, which means that for those who like grouping or want to do group quests, like the Books quests, they have a hard time finding people to do these quests. While the coming expansion will remedy a bit my next point, there is a lack of classes in The Lord of the Rings Online. Also, the game has a definite lack of fantasy, there is no magic and no caster/magician, especially no caster class (the Rune-Keeper “magic” effects were greatly reduced in the beta so he is not really a caster anymore), so there are times when the game feels more like a medieval MMO than a fantasy one. It should please those who enjoy melee classes but for those who love to play casters it will be very tough, especially that some on the official forums hate to death the players who love to play casters so expect to be told to get back to WoW a lot, among other insults.

The game is perfect for casual players who want to immerse themselves in a beautiful world that caters to the PvE players mainly with a good community and with good devs that constantly add more to the game.

The official website: http://www.lotro.com/

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City of Villains – Review


City of Villains is a casual MMO set in a strange world mixed with scifi, modernity, fantasy and horror, where your villain tries to build his place in the criminal world. The surroundings are mostly modern with a touch of scifi, it’s very well done, the graphics are nice and realistic. The rock/industrial music suit very well the settings. The character creation is awesome and you have so many choices to suit your fancy: modern, scifi, machine, fantasy, horror with undead and werewolf to beast. Right from the start, you can work on your character’s bio and motto, and if you play on a RP server you will be able to RP with other players as well since the community is very good. Each class has different options so that means that each player won’t play the same even if they have the same class. The travel skills are really cool.

At first, you do interesting quests in instances but later you get to choose one quest among three quests from the journal so it adds a bit of variety, and sometimes you even get to rob a bank. You get extra XP from playing in group and you can also change the difficulty of the quests you’ve taken. As I said previously, you try to build your place in this criminal world so you mostly fight against other villains, the game is rated Teen after all, so it’s impossible to just attack any NPC. There are touches of dark humor here and there that are funny. Villains can build lairs for their guild but that feature is now available to heroes as well. A crafting aspect was as well later added to the game. Now, when a player buys either side (Heroes or Villains) he gets the other side free when he creates his account so now everyone has access to both games just buy buying one. The Villains side is dirtier, grittier and darker in coloring while the Heroes side is more colorful and clean.

Nothing is perfect in this world, except for cats of course, so City of Villains has to have flaws. The first is the repetitiveness of the maps, once you’ve been inside a building for a quest per exemple, you’ve seen already the only map that is showed when you go inside buildings, it’s pretty much the same for the other maps. The second is the lack of skills, each class gets few skills so you keep using the same skills again and again, and after playing Guild Wars and its hundreds of skills, just using a few skills all the time is lame. I also heard that while the first 20 levels are casual, the other levels get grindier so it,s harder to level up.<

The game is perfect for casual players who have always dreamed to play and RP a villain, the game is fun and funny with a good community.

The official website: http://www.cityofheroes.com/

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Warhammer Online

I’ve never planified to play Warhammer Online and yet here I am playing it. The reasons why I’ve stopped playing momentarily LOTRO are a bit long and complex but I’ll try. Excited by Mines of Moria, I rushed ahead to level up my alts to make them ready for Mines of Moria, LOTRO’s upcoming expansion, that tired me up a bit of the game. Then there was all this drama on the official forums about the trollish lore-nazis, constantly bashing players like me who love playing casters. Then there was the destruction of the rune-keeper by the lore nazi in the beta, the rune-keeper was fun but the animations are pretty much gone, I was really looking forward to it. The nail to the coffin is the upcoming nerf to my two favorite classes, lore-master and minstrel.

It really feels as if the few issues I’ve had with LOTRO have become bigger: lack of magic, absence of caster classes, lack of fantasy (the game feels more like a medieval MMO than a fantasy one actually).

I’ve spent the last two months not really playing but I payed my game card anyway, and I’m too poor and rational to waste money on a game I barely play. So I’ve decided to momentarily stop playing LOTRO and invest in another game for the next months, I cannot imagine myself not playing any MMO for a while. I’ve been through and through Guild Wars and I’ve burned the game so it has to be something else. I’ve heard good reviews about Warhammer Online and it had a good launch (unlike a few like Age of Conan per example), I can see there are many cool caster classes in their game, their PvP is fair, etc. Now that I’ve started it, it’s obvious they took a LOT from Guild Wars in a good way. The community is nice, the classes are fun, there is a decent PvE side along with their PvP, no death penalty, no item wear, anyone at any level can PvP. Some of the people in the guild I’m in in LOTRO are in Warhammer Online too and I’ve found a good guild there, I was in their guild at some point with them in LOTRO. The guild is Shadow Company.

I find the Destruction side wicked cool and their classes oh so wicked cool too, so I play on the Destruction side on the NA RP Ostermark server and the Order side on the NA RP Phoenix Throne server. My Destruction alts are Azaroth (Disciple of Khaine), Khainlin (Sorcerer), Minesha (Magus), Rahmiel (Zealot), Tamarah (Witch Elf), Waaka (Shaman) and Waaroth (Squig Herder). My Order alts are Flamelia (Bright Wizard), Kharzem (Engineer), Mazaroth (Shadow Warrior), Minesha (Archmage), Sapphir (White Lion) and Sulian (Witch Hunter). I like that it’s dark and gritty. Warhammer Online is not perfect of course, it’s interface is far from being intuitive and there are elements missing but it’s decent and the classes are fun to play. I’m very lost since I know nothing about the lore of the game but at the same time, discovering a new world is fun.


I’ve never had interest into CoH, thought playing a superhero in a MMO would probably be lame but I thought I’d play the villain version though. Sounds like they listened to a lot of people’s prayers because the villain version came out and I ended up playing it.

CoX is a breeze of fresh air among all those fantasy MMO and being in that modern/scifi environment is fun. Sure you can create supernatural characters of course, from zombies, demons to werewolves, but the surroundings are modern. The character customization is amazing and I must have spent at least an hour creating each of my character. I was surprised to discover that the community was mature and all and I even got the opportunity to RP. CoV’s graphivs are better than CoH and the cities are dirty and the music is really rock. It looks really nice. You get all those weird powers. There is a lot of dark humor in it as well.

I managed to find a good SG and even good friends, one in particular I was RPing a lot with. We were making death threats to each other, it was funny. You get to write your characters’ bio and it’s great to bump into players who take the time to read your bio and act accordingly, and even make jokes about your character.

I’d say the downside is the repetiveness. All the maps are the same, in particular the inside of the buildings.

I was checking out Tabula Rasa too and at some point it looked like it was going to come out so I cancelled my subscription to CoV. I ended up not liking TR later. Anyway, it was a good thing because there were hard moments at that point and I really needed every cent I could save.

Since I get my fantasy fix with GW, I wanted something different as second game, like CoV, or TR. As I said, I was checking out Tabula Rasa, I wanted to be in the beta and so in order to get more experiences in beta I subscribed to other betas including LOTRO. I never checked out LOTRO before. As strange as it may seems, I’m never interested into MMOs based on an IP. I’ve loved Stargate very much but I do not plan to ever play the game, I’m just sick tired now personally of the show and I wish that instead of making a remake (Stargate Altantis), that the producers would come up with a genuine scifi show instead with a new story and background, etc. I do not plan to play either Stars Wars, or Star Trek Online, or Matrix Online, etc. While I do love the LOTR movies, love the book and read other Tolkien books as well (Bilbo, Silmalirion, etc.), I’ve never payed attention to LOTRO. I was chosen to be in its beta thought.

I got tons of problems trying to download the LOTRO client so I was a bit pissed off when I started playing the beta. Still, I’ve fallen slowly but surely in love with LOTRO. I’m not saying the game is without faults but it has so many good things in it. The graphics are beautiful, beside the characters who are a bit awkward I admit; the world is living; the quests are well done and engrossing; the storyline makes me feel as if suddenly I’m in GW, meaning that you’re part of the storyline, not player #23455; it really feels as if you live there and with the housing now it just makes the feeling true; RPing in it is great with a mature community, etc.

I have to admit that lately I’ve started to feel a CoV itch, a desire to go back in it and have fun RPing as a villain and rob banks. The thing though is that I can’t really afford more than one subscription game at once and I really do not want to leave LOTRO that I love dearly. What to do now?

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My rant on Guild Wars

I love Guild Wars, make no mistake, but there are certain elements that were later added to the game that make me cringe, the biggest one being grind.

In Factions, it started small. You had to gain 10 000 faction points in order to advance in the story. While at first it seemed cumbersome, it’s quick to see that there are many ways to gain these points, the most fun being alliance battles, and these points are gained account based so you only gain once these points for all your characters.

Alas, troubles showed up with Nightfall. You have to gain points again, not only Sunspear point but Lightbringer ones as well, and unlike Factions where these points are account based, it’s not the case anymore in Nightfall: you have to gain all these points for each of your characters. Technically, if you’ve gained all expansions, preorders, and used all your slots, you should have around 9 characters. This is a lot, and this without counting those who have bought extra slots like me and/or have multiple accounts.

But it’s really Eyes of the North that has digged the hole with the Hall of Monument, a supposedly hall where our characters in GW 1 could leave their trace and items to their successors in GW 2. Unfortunately, the hall in question has turned into a hall of achievements only accessible to the hardcore players, where the numbers of things being accepted in the hall are very limited, which force people to only play a few of their characters and grind like crazy over titles and expensive armors.

This is my biggest gripe over Guild Wars, the developers are slapping in the face the casual players and patting the hardcore players. The game is about grind now. It’s not as grindy as other games of course but it is a deviation that should be taken seriously and make us worry about the state of Guild Wars 2. I am a hardcore player, I play a lot, I have 16 characters, but I much prefer trying classes, builds, following the story, than grinding for titles and armors for the Hall of Monument. I also do not care about the worth of armors, I only care about the look of armors, many expensive armors are plain, ugly and even creepy. Many of my characters wear outstandingly dashing inexpensive armors and I would prefer seeing my characters wearing their outstandingly dashing inexpensive armors in the Hall of Monument then having to grind to make them wear horrible expensive armors. Looks like my characters won’t have anything to put in their Hall of Monument. A gigantic disappointment!

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Lord of the Rings Online – Shadows of Angmar

Sometimes, certain things surprise you, like finding a gem at strange places. This is what LOTRO is for me. I’ve been checking out scifi MMOs because I like scifi as much as I like fantasy so I’ve been checking out Tabula Rasa in particular. As a Tolkien fan, I obviously noticed the upcoming MMO happening in the same world, I was curious about it so I asked for a beta slot, which I got some time after, but I was not excited about it like the other fans, never followed the game really. Surprisingly, I’ve fallen in love little by little with the online version of Middle Earth. While I admit the characters look weird and the combat is cumbersome, the rest is pretty and the game is actually fun and the world is exciting to explore. I’m particularly happy to know that there will be time cards for this MMO so I’m going to buy it and grow some food in it officially on april 24th. You can already find me in the open beta on Landroval.


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Tabula Rasa and other stuff


Now that I got it out of my system I think I can write normally. Yup, big surprise for me to learn that I’ve won a beta slot. I’m really excited, especially that Tabula Rasa looks better everyday, doesn’t it? I guess the beta should start in january but no date has been set yet.

Am I the only one watching Heroes? I dropped to the floor the first time I watched it, dropped even further when I watched the pilot (that I missed). WoW! I’m really addicted to this show, it’s so painful to wait a whole week just to watch the next episode. Now I’be been waiting weeks already until the Holidays are over so Heroes can finally restart. Supernatural also finished into a cliff-hanger of some sort with Dean ready to die along with his brother. Obviously he has not recovered from his forced rescue in the first episode in the second season, you can see he had chosen to die in this episode, had gotten used to the idea. And the show ended with Dean about to crack and finally tell Sam what their father told him… but no, we got the credits instead. I have to wait weeks again to finally know what it is. This is so cruel.

Dark Flame Blame my meleemancer in GW died peacefully last week. He was replaced by another meleemancer so I’ve been budy rushing her so that she can get a hat coming from the Xmas event in GW.

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Gaile is a b****

You probably wonder who is Gaile. She is the spokerperson of ArenaNet who makes Guild Wars. I had a confrontation with her on a board and let’s just say her reputation to my eyes went down the drain.

The event occurred two weeks ago right before the PvP Nightfall event. I was waiting for the possibility of purchasing character slots, which was so dear to my heart I barely slept these past weeks. So, in our thread “More slots”, we were discussing the slots and also the upcoming event and hoping we’d be able to buy the slots before the event in order to participate. Upon reading what Anet wrote it was clear there would be no key or slot unlike all the other events before. Then Gaile showed up and said there would be no key for the event and she would check with her bosses for additional slots.

I was quite frustrated by this news, which is one more proof (no matter how much Anet loves to deny it) that Anet prefers PvP over PvE (death penalty to pets is another, they changed their mind after tons of people complained). You pay for a game, you use at its fullest (all the slots) and when there are events you are punished because if you were a PvP player you’d have a free slot but because you’re a PvE player, too bad, you can’t participate.

So I started a thread but I did this as calm as possible. There are plenty of things I could have written, like Anet sucks let’s bang on them and/or the old PvP PvE warfest. Nope, I wrote like a robot with no feeling whatsoever. Just posted exactly what Gaile wrote (that there would be no key and possibly no slot as well), then mentioned a thread which was showing 45-47% of the players had no free slot and therefore could not participate to the event and then told people to express themselves on the matter, and this without expressing myself. The thread started well with people talking, and even some with no free slot who didn’t mind not participating to the event… up until Gaile showed up.

Gaile had fun calling me names, that I was starting a rumor, and then building up people against me, telling me I was misquoting her. She said she would check with her bosses about the additional slots for the event, she’d go check about them (she meant for the event). I apologized and told her since in the other thread we were talking about buying slots and hoping to get them before the event that she meant to ask her bosses if the purchasable slots would be buyable before the event. But since she said we were not getting keys I was half right so this was not really a rumor thread. Gaile made no apology whatsoever on her side. The thread got locked soon after, which gave people who could not participate no way of expressing themselves on the matter. Gaile finally showed up in game (never came back on the forum on this matter) and said we were not getting slots for the event. Her scripts are usually saved and put in a thread in a different forum and most don’t even look at that forum so people wondered for a week if they’d be able to participate or not when the answer was there in another forum, but there are times she shows up online and people don’t even catch her in time, if they catch her at all. I always check that forum personally and I was really pissed off. My “rumor” thread ended up being 100% fact, Gaile got away with it and now everyone hates me.

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