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Cat Quotes / Cookies

I have made a Cat Quotes file that can be used with PopUp Wisdom ,  and another one that can be used with the Wanda module of Nexus Free, Nexus Ultimate and maybe Nexus Xtreme as well.  While I’ve not used PopUp Wisdom in years, I’ve used daily Nexus Free and Ultimate for close than a decade, love it, and find it quite practical, and pretty too with the amount of themes and other skins available.  I’ve bought twice the Ultimate version.  I’ve added cat icons to replace Wanda’ icons, and they were taken from these websites, have plenty of other cute stuff as well:

You can download Cat Quotes here:

XMPlay ebook

Many many years I was using Winamp as an audio player, and Media Player Classic as video player (now Media Player Classic Black Edition). But there were times I was tired of the ingame music of the MMORPGs I was playing, so I tried to play my games and listen to music with Winamp. But Winamp was way too demanding and slowing the computer and making me lag. This is when I ditched Winamp and started looking for a better and lighter alternative. This is when I found XMPlay and I’ve been using it since.

XMPlay is an excellent audio player that plays tons of different formats, and you can read more through plugins. Also available are tons of skins as well. It’s a very light application and doesn’t take much RAM. The application is a portable one so you just unzip it and voilà you can use it, it doesn’t leave entries in the registry as well.

I put here as an ebook both manuals that can be found on the XMPlay support site. I want to mention that I’m in no way related to the manuals in the file, I did not write anything and I do not want to confuse people that I wrote any of it. All I did was copy-paste the two manuals from XMPlay’s support site and created an ebook with the file that I’m using from the application that I love and use all the time (TreeDBNotes Pro).  Considering how many websites have disappeared since I’ve been online, I feel safer knowing I have a hard copy of those guides.  The file was last updated december 31th, 2012.

You can download the manual here:


I’ve been using bookTome to manage my book collection, and now that I have a Kobo Glo also my ebooks, and I find the application totally awesome.  Unfortunately, the dev behind bookTome has decided to cease all work on the application, but he chose to do worse, he deleted the bookTome page on his website so the app cannot be downloaded there, but he also cut off some of the download links to his app on other freewares / sharewares websites so it cannot be downloaded there either.  Of what I’ve been able to understand, since I sent him a few emails about suggestions and then about why he was abandoning bookTome, the guy made bookTome solely for himself, and since he was not reading anymore he had no use for it anymore.  Some people enjoy sharing their works and do it as well for the others, but it seems in his case his reasons were entirely selfish.  The last official build was 1.72 but I managed to get the version 2 beta from the dev when I emailed him.  I checked to see if there was any text about the right to share and I did not find any against sharing the app.  I just find that sad that people are missing out on this great app so I’ve decided to share the version 2 here.  The version 2 may be beta but it’s pretty final said the dev, it’s portable though.  I will put here too the link to the main webpage as well as some place where you can see reviews and screenshots of the app.  I just want to point that the UI of the version 2 is different than the version 1 in some ways.  I also want to mention that since Amazon changed recently their website, and have locked out anyone or any app trying to get any info on books from them, therefore the import from Amazon do not work anymore.  So that means you will have to enter manually your books.  Amazon is the sole one to blame for this.

Download bookTome 2 here:

Download bookTome 1.72 here:

Moon Phase II

Moon Phase II is a gadget made for Windows 7.  The gadget is based from a similar gadget for Yahoo.  Moon Phase II is available in numerous languages (English and French for certain).  I did not make the widget in question.  Microsoft took down their gadgets website so it’s impossible, or very hard to find, this gadget for Windows 7.  I did my best to go there regularly to check if there were new versions, so there is a good chance it was the last updated version on the Microsoft gadgets website.  The version I have is 1.6.0.

Download the gadget Moon Phase II here:


Notepad2 is my favorite notepad application. I don’t do any coding, so I use it to make lists, add keys to the softwares I bought and save them in txt, you see it when you make changes to the files when a * appears at the top. One of the reasons I liked it at first was that it has two themes, one white and one black., and I love it, and I much prefer dark or black themes, so I used the black one all the time. The thing is that the last versions that came out lost the black theme and now has a white theme and a beige theme. The upside is that you can modify both themes so I changed the second theme for the last versions as the original black theme, which I used and was in the previous versions. I’m sharing the portable version as well as the beta version too. I also include the fonts necessary in case you don’t have them, and I include as well the fixedsys excelsior font if you want to use it instead of fixedsys for the black theme.  Since I’ve only used the portable versions, I don’t know how the installation folder looks like, hence why I only share the portable versions.  You can find the installations (exe) versions on the dev’s website, so I guess it’s a matter of replacing the ini file from the installed version with my portable ini version, but I’m not 100% sure about it.

NotePad Pro

NotePad Pro is a skinnable notepad app that is available in many languages.  Numerous skins were made for this app.  The website of NotePad Pro does not exist anymore and it’s therefore impossible to find it on the internet.  Some skins websites also have ceased to exist, some others like DevianArt have deleted the skins about NotePad Pro, probably because how hard it is to find it.  On top of NotePad Pro I’ve included all the skins I’ve found on the internet since I got the app; I’ve also included an exe that adds RichTx32.ocx because NotePad Pro needs it to function properly

Download NotePad Pro here:

Felix Puursonal Organiser

The Felix Puursonal Organiser is an adorable personal organizer with an agenda, a personal diary, a contact list, a to-do list, a shopping list, all with Felix the cat and catty things being everywhere, like cat quotes.  The main website does not have Felix Puursonal Organiser anymore.  Felix Puursonal Organiser requires Shockwave 8.5 to function so I’ve included it in the zip.

Download Felix Puursonal Organiser:

Virtual Pet Felix

This is the second version of the Virtual Pet Felix.  The first version had no extra and Felix was also very small.  You can find the latest version of Virtual Pet Felix which is much more recent, but it’s a bit different from this one that I’m sharing.

Download Virtual Pet Felix:

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Theme Pack

I play Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn  and I’ve put together a theme pack for Windows 7 that has all the wallpapers from the main game, including the ones from the expansion Heavensward up to patch 3.3.  The wallpapers have a resolution of 1920×1080.

Download Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Theme Pack:

Diablo III Theme Pack

I play Diablo 3 and I’ve put together a theme pack for Windows 7 that has all the wallpapers from the main game, including the ones from the expansion Reaper of Souls.  Most of the wallpapers have a resolution of 1920×1080.

Download Diablo III Theme Pack:

Tabula Rasa Screensaver

I made this screensaver of Tabula Rasa when I was checking out the game before I got into the closed beta.  I just went to see the old websites I used to check out everyday (then) to see if there was anything new I could find in order to update the screensaver with new stuff. So I updated the screensaver with more concept arts and more wallpapers. Even if I ended up not buying the game, Tabula Rasa had tons of potentials and I’m sad to see the devs did not push the game further and did not make it better and more involving with more content and more things to do, beside shooting aliens. It’s one of those MMOs I’m nostalgic about, like Saga of Ryzom, where I see the potentials for a great game but wish other devs would have done it.

I hope you will enjoy the screensaver and get nostalgic too considering the game was closed down, I’m sure some players out there are sad as well.  The link to download the screensaver is here:

Chess Weak Engines

I’m really a beginner at chess and get frustrated at getting massacred by the computer.  So I learned it’s best to get a chess app that you can add engines into, so I went looking for a new chess app and weak engines.  So I made a compilations of the weak engines I found and had converted and uploaded them at, but they deleted my page there:

Silent Hill MSN Messenger Avatars

Here are files that have been on my hard disk for quite some time. I put them on, the site to go to get tons of stuff for MSN Messenger, now renamed Windows Live Messenger. The zip contains over 150 different avatars taken from Silent Hill 1, 2 and 3. I have no avatar from any Silent Hill games after that but who knows, I might look for Silent Hill 4 images and see what I can do at least about that one. I think for now it shall suffice, and for the fans of Pyramid Head, yes, there are Pyramid head avatars.  You can download them here:

Silent Hill Tiles Set

I like to play Mah-Jong and I’ve been using Kyodai Mahjongg for years.  I ended up giving in and created a Silent Hill tiles set for it.  I used the same images I used to make the avatars for MSN Messenger, so Silent Hill 1, 2 and 3 are on those tiles.  You can download the tiles set here:

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