Vampire the Masquerade – Bloodlines

I finally had the courage to install the unofficial patch, fine by file, which you can find here ( ), you have to install the unofficial patch after the official one ( ). They come up with updates often so check them out.

Well, I’ve been having a blast playing this game. I have not finished it yet but I can see myself restarting it and playing another clan once I finish this one, I’m playing Gangrel right now. I read the Malkavians are hilarious to play. While the first-person screen might fool you, it’s actually more a RPG than a shooter game, even though you can indeed use range weapons at some point. Personally, I prefer the third-person screen and you can put it but it goes away rather easy. The graphics are not super great but they’re good in an urban and gothic way. The characters ingame are well defined and have their own personalities, the dialogues are great and realistic, the voice-over is really awesome and well played. The neighbourhoods, which are well done, feel a bit small once you know your way there. The combat is better than I thought, considering the reviews I read, but you have to use the + on the screen to really hit at the right place, so it makes combat a but cumbersome because there is no auto-aim for melee and ranged unlike most of the games I’ve played. There are some scary, disturbing parts in the game that totally freaked me out. It’s obviously a game for adults with the sexual undertones. Don’t expect as well to go around and attack anyone and drink their blood, this is more difficult to achieve than you can think. In Blood Omen 2 you can attack everyone on sight but not here. Hence why you can buy blood pack or drink directly from rats because the chances of getting your sip from someone’s throat is rather slim. I think only one clan can do it, the Toreador, because their seduction is very high and they can drink in front of everyone without being bothered, noticed or attacked. I don’t regret for one second about buying this game even with the bad reviews. Once you’ve installed both patches, you’re good to play. I give it a 9/10 because perfection doesn’t exist in this world, not even Guild Wars.

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