I bought numerous oracles decks by Patrick Valenza last year, and there is one in particular I’d like to use, the Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Oracle ‘Seance Edition’ (Extra cards included.  I bought a cute coin bag for it, and I’ve scanned both Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Oracle decks and the Mildred Payne’s Oracle of Black Enchantment as well.  So I might start postng my readings here with this deck.

Daily Reading

I finally received the Faeries Oracle, made by Brian Froud, and combined it with my copy of his Heart of Faerie Oracle.  I bought for this joined deck a really nice bag from BabaStudio.

So here is my daily reading for the day…

Card 1 Today: Prince of Skulls


My mother is a Taurus, just like this card, which makes it her significator card, so that could mean I could receive news from my mother or news about her.  It could also means that I will be inspired about a material project.

Card 2 Surprise: Five of Grails


I’m guessing a negative event will be painful today and I will have regrets about it.  I will feel lonely and miserable.

Card 3 Advice: Eight of Grails


The advice for today is to not let those toxic and dark emotions consume me.  I should try to life myself up from all that and distance myself emotionally from the situation.

Which fae will be my companion for the day: 38 The Pan (Heart of Faerie Oracle)


Well look at that, I got the exact same card than last time.  I get the feeling he is here to help me lift myself up today and give me courage, relating to the advice card, and to try to reach the stars, a place of healing and safety.

Daily Reading

I’ve started a One Deck Wonder for the Tarot of Vampyres (from the Aeclectic Tarot Forum), and wanted to use another tarot too but with pips to decompress, the Truth-Seeker’s Tarot.  So I decided to purchase a book from the author about his tarot but alas the first package got lost, the second one got stolen, and I have no idea if I’ll ever get the third.  So I’ve decided instead to use an oracle, something new, I’ve ordered and received the Heart of Faerie Oracle, and I’m still waiting for the Faeries Oracle, both made by Brian Froud.

So here is my daily reading for the day…

Card 1 Today: III Empress


I think this has something to do with home and family.  The Empress, as the Mother, rules over the home over her family.  And I’m a homebody, I really love being home.  And it’s important for my mental health that I live in a good place, otherwise it affects me negatively and depresses me.   I’ve been living with many pieces of furniture, from Ikea because it was all I could afford, that I simply cannot stand.  Now that I’m in my new apartment, and have more money, I really hope to be able to get new furniture to replace the ugly ones.  And well, my mother’s friends are giving me two nice furniture, a desk and an armchair, and I should get them today, so I’m really happy about that.  It’s one step toward the ideal home I want to have.

Card 2 Surprise: Lord of Scepters


Maybe I will get a message or a letter today.  It could mean that someone could do a little trip and come to my place unexpectedly.  Maybe I’ll receive the aggression from someone today.

Card 3 Advice: Nine of Knives


I should do my best not to  be self-destructive today.  I should avoid any contact from cruel people.

Which fae will be my companion for the day: 38 The Pan


He seems to be inviting me to the journey he’s planning to do, he wants me to come with him.  I should ask him for courage to live life and its numerous adventures… and misfortunes.  There is a first step I must take.

Daily Reading

Here are my cards for today:

Card 1 Today: VII The Chariot


Well, today I have to make a trip to the mall, to do some shopping, and the grocery after that, so I’m not really surprised to see I got this card.  The Chariot can implicate a trek of some sort.

Card 2 Surprise: Ten of Scepters


With this card I see that I should make sure not to overdo it today, to ensure not to get a bad surprise, that would cause stress and frustration.

Card 3 Advice: Ace of Knives


With this card I see I should focus on my goals today and to keep my head clear of mental confusions as well.

Card Today: 14 Marie Masquerade


I have the feeling the only way to be loved for who I am is not through my talent and style but through glamour and glitz.  There is gossip and intrigue around someone I admire and wish to be like in some way.  I will feel jealousy and envy towards people who are beautiful, successful and be-loved.  I should focus on my own hard work and create my own style.  Some are around others simply for the influence and help they can offer.  Someone like Marie who is beautiful and successful may be in need a for  true friend.  Someone very charming may try to tempt me to get involved in intrigues, I should refuse.

Daily Reading

Here are my cards for today:

Card 1 Today: Daughter of Scepters


I think this card means that I’m starting something, a new area of study, which I’m going to do tonight in our pagan group, and our lead is a red-headed woman.

Card 2 Surprise: Eight of Scepters


This could be a message that I’ll get.  Maybe my mind will be filled today with ideas and inspirations, I will make some realizations.  After all we have work tonight to do just that.

Card 3 Advice: VIII Justice


The advice could be about me being fair and just with others and myself today.  It could also be about balancing things.

Card Today: 44 The Fairy of the Green World


I should take care of plants to counteract the damages done to Nature.  I should learn to have a more ecological living and donate money to charities supporting nature and wildlife.  I should take a walk in nature, give my blessings to it and talk to this fairy.

Daily Reading

Here are my cards for today:

Card 1 Today: Ace of Scepters


I could be filled with raw energy today.  I could develop a new passion for something or someone.  I could be inspired creatively.  There could be something new in my life.  Aces are filled with possibilities.

Card 2 Surprise: XII The Hanged Man


I could be forced to withdraw in a certain matter  There could be blockages and obstacles coming my way.  Maybe I’ll have a rewarding inner journey.

Card 3 Advice: XIII Death


The advice could be about accepting changes and fluctuations with calm and serenity.

Card Today: 8 Grumpy Red Fairy


You are being constantly judged by others.  It can get tiring and you can act accordingly: annoyed, irritable and bad-tempered.  You like being different.  But you will face restrictions.  Don’t care about them.  Be authentic.  Be real.  Be you.  Find out who you are.

Daily Reading

Here are my cards for today:

Card 1 Today: Lord of Scepters


I will be bold and forceful today, maybe too agressive.  I may have communications with a person who has the characteristics of a Knight of Wands (Thoth).  I could get mail today, I’m waiting for a package after all.

Card 2 Surprise: Nine of Grails


Something or someone today will make me happy and make me feel fulfilled emotionally.  I will feel content about something or something I hoped for will happen.

Card 3 Advice: Lord of Knives


The advice today is that I have things to do on a mental levels (studies) and I should start to work on them again and focus.  I have all the necessary qualities for this.

Card Today: 38 Carnivorous Greenhouse


There is something or someone around you that is attractive, yet dangerous.  Watch for people who consume more than they give, who ignore you, bully you, dominate you, criticises you, who argue you out of your beliefs.  Do not forget who they are and do not try to make them what they’re not.; or change and save them with your love.

Daily Reading

Here are my cards for today:

Card 1 Today: Nine of Skulls


Well after some labor I’ll do today I’ll either get some reward for it or I’ll give myself a break and enjoy myself a little.

Card 2 Surprise: Lord of Skulls


The surprise can be that I’ll have communications with a person who has the characteristics of a Knight of Coins (Thoth), or maybe I’ll be in charge of some material aspect today.

Card 3 Advice: XIII Death


The advice today is that everything dies, everything changes, and that I should more prepared to accept it.

Card Today: 37 Candy Cane Angel


It is time to treat yourself, it is time for some fun.  I shouldn’t feel guilty about giving myself pleasure or think that I don’t deserve it.  Give yourself that which you have been denying yourself.

Daily Reading

Here are my cards for today:

Card 1 Today: Six of Scepters


I will win after a struggle of sort and I should use that achievement to make plans (where do I go from here?).

Card 2 Surprise: Seven of Grails


Well, the surprise is that I will get intoxicated on something today, too much of something, too much of gaming, too much of daydreaming.

Card 3 Advice: Eight of Skulls


The advice today is that I should be careful and patient in my way of dealing with things, that I should manage with precaution when planning ahead.

Card Today: 33 Dress of Alchemy


It is possible to change deeply your energy from destructive patterns, blame, discontent to become a clear, bright, strong, healthy and powerful, in term of energy.  It is time to acknowledge that you have energetic debris that need to be cleared, and when you do this the gold of who you truly are will shine though.  Once you are clear, welcome in bright, strong, powerful, healthy energy.  This is self-love in action.

Daily Reading

Here are my cards for today:

Card 1 Today: Ten of Scepters


I will take too much on my shoulder today.  I also may be the subject of an aggression of sort, could be verbally or over the internet.

Card 2 Surprise: Lord of Knives


I may have contact with someone who has the characteristics of a Knight of Swords (Thoth).  This could also mean that I will communicate with someone over the internet.

Card 3 Advice: Nine of Scepters


The advice today is that I should be strong, determined and stand firm.

Card Today: 22 Voodoo in Blue


It’s time for me to back off from a person or a situation.  I need to be brave.  I have to stop being nice and start to be honest.