My new arrivals

I recently purchased the Dead Moon I Ching by Luis Royo.  I like his art so I had to have the deck.  The cards are beautiful and dark in coloring with an asian style, they’re small and more in length than large.  I don’t know much about I Ching but I did a few readings and the cards fitted with the I Ching ressources I found.  Also this time there are more handsome men than usual so it’s a nice change from the usual naked ladies in fantasy art, not everyone lusts over women guys.  And the few males in fantasy art are usually Mr. Muscle which is a major turn off for me.  Me wants to see pretty males and there are a few in this deck:


I also bought Wisdom of the Hidden Realms and this one has become a new favorite of mine.  On top of being pretty of course it has this otherworldly feel of effectively being from other realms that are hidden from us.  Right now I’ve been using it for my daily readings as message from my guides and guardian angel and it works quite well.  You can make more serious readings with them without problems of course.  Colette Baron-Reid has videos on YouTube on how to use it with more spreads and this got me hooked.