Thoth Tarot and Golden Dawn Tarot Decks Related Files and Websites

Thoth Tarot and Golden Dawn Tarot Decks Related Files

There are certain documents that are a must-read when you study the Thoth Tarot and any Golden Dawn tarot decks related like the Rider-Waite Smith Tarot. I put here as attachments the Book T by the Golden Dawn, the Book of Thoth and the Liber 777 both by Crowley. I kept those particular files because these copies are copy-pastable, which mean you can copy the informations and paste them in your digital tarot journal if you have one like I do.

You can download Book T here:

You can download Book of Thoth by Aleister Crowley here:

You can download Liber 777 by Aleister Crowley here:

Thoth Tarot and Golden Dawn Tarot Decks Websites

There are websites that have meanings for the Thoth Tarot, or I could say, their  own  musings on the Thoth Tarot.  Most tarot websites focus on the Rider-Waite Tarot so those on the Thoth Tarot are rather rare.  They have tons of interesting things to say on the cards and they’re worth being added to your notes.  So I share the links here.

Raven’s Tarot Site:

Tryskelion – A Pagan Website :

Angel Paths – Jan’s Guide to the Tarot:

Thoth Tarot – The Encyclopedia of Thelema & Magick:

Erwin Hessle – The Small Cards of the Tarot:

Lessons on learning to read the Tarot:

Esotarot – Tarot Section:

Tarot Inspiration:

James A. Eshelman (you can download for free on this website his book Liber Theta: Tarot Symbolism & Divination):

Thoth Tarot App

You can find a free tarot application for Windows here that uses the Thoth Tarot.  You don’t need to install it to use it.  Just unzip it and click on tarot.exe in the folder to start it:

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